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FlexCard: How to pass records from data source to the dropdown select list?

I have created a Flexcard with a DataRaptor as a data source. The records from the datasource are retrieved correctly and are displayed in a datatable as shown in the picture using {records}. I want ...
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Integrate Google Analytics with SFMC

I would like to receive data from Google Analytics in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, I know that with the integration I can receive data to create Audiences to use in Journey Builder, but what I really ...
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How to establish a data relationship between the Contact and Campaigns using the campaign members in Contact builder in Marketing cloud

I am very new to SFMC and I have pretty much silly questions. My goal: I have contacts as synchronized data extensions and I have Campaigns and Campaign members also synced as synchronized data ...
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Merging Data from 4 SFMC Data Sources into 1 DE

I'm trying to merge various fields from our synced data sources in SFMC. For Account_Salesforce, Contact_Salesforce, and Program_Roster__c_Salesforce, the relationship is the account ID, but they are ...
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How to view the subscriber information in a GA360 audience?

GA360 audience is used as entry source and it shows a DE that is refreshed daily. I am aware that GA360 only pushes the subscriber IDs back to marketing cloud. I would like to query this DE in an ...
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Hiding specific objects from SF data event settings in journey builder

This is regarding the objects that are shown to users while they set up a data source for SF data events based journey. As a default all objects available in the SF org connected are visible there (...
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Can't download data from _MobileSubscription table using FuelSDK and python

I've set up FuelSdk on my airflow machine and I want to download some data from the _MobileSubscription table. but when I have a column starting with underscrore I'm getting this message Failed to get ...
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SFDX CLI initial deployment failure: chicken and egg?

Using the latest sfdx CLI version (sfdx-cli/7.22.0-de5c6ecff8 win32-x64 node-v10.15.3) I am now facing a problem with initial deployment (force:source:push) to a scratch org. Scenario: We have an ...
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