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How does ownership skew impact queues?

I have queues that are assigned more than 10k records, and their records are included in reports and list views. Most of the documentation about ownership skew is around a User owning records. How ...
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Safely replace a packaged Master-Detail with Lookup

My active 1GP Managed Package app suffers from Account and Data skew (with ROW LOCKING) because we made a custom object AccountItem__c a child in a Master-Detail relation (MDR) ship with Account. As ...
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Is lookup skew bad if it doesn't bring about row lock contention?

On Opportunity there are two lookups fields, the standard Primary Campaign Source, and a custom lookup to object Exhibition__c (which is set to Clear the value of this field if related record is ...
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Owner Data Skew Prevention for smaller orgs

We have a small org with ~50 users in the B2C space. Their business model includes importing large lists of records (~500 per day) and working on them. We can minimize lookup skew by not using lookup ...
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Lock_Row errors - Have you had to engineer fixes due to child record volumes? Data skew avoidance

I'd be interested to hear of any solutions people had to create to overcome a high dependency on parent Accounts. This article was written in 2012, so would be interested to hear of any updates to it, ...
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Best practice: Architecture for accounts with many locations 10k+

I'm facing an architectural design where a company could have more than 10k locations, and I would like to save the location data, according to this link it's a good practice to use a hierarchical ...
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Does Lookup Skew affect only master-detail relationships or also lookup ones?

I've been encountering and reading a lot about data skew issues, particularly lookup skew, and I've noticed that most information I've found doesn't explicitly indicate whether this affects master-...
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Will lookup skew be an issue on low-activity lookup on a high-activity table?

I'm wondering if it is safe to add a lookup that will have >50,000 children under a single parent. The child table has lots of inserts and lots of updates happening in parallel. However, the lookup ...
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The cause of UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW error?

My scenario is as followed, I have a single Parent account with about 600 child accounts. Every child account has a single Opportunity with 2 or more lines. I have a monthly batch job to create ...
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Parent - Child Records and Ownership/data Skew

I am aware of the concept of ownership skew (
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non-selective query error in sandbox

Is anyone else seeing an increase in non-selective query errors recently? I've been seeing them a lot over the past few weeks, in various instances, in places where they weren't happening before, ...
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Data skew error over 100k records for a managed packaged object

I know Data skew errors for Non-selective queries executed on custom field filters that are not marked as External throw this error, i.e. we cannot run SOQL on an object which has more than 100k ...
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