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Help with incomplete Tracking Extract documentation

Would anyone out there be able to provide some additional documentation for these Include Options for a Data Extract of Tracking Data? I've requested an update to the one wiki page that has most of ...
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Salesforce MC - How to data extract in UTF8 to FTP

I'm having problems trying to export a data extension from Salesforce Marketing Cloud to FTP. I created an Automation to extract this file, but I want to extract in UTF-8, my database only import ...
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Marketing Cloud Data Extract into the correct File Encoding format

I have created a Data Extract activity exports a .csv file containing records from my Data Extension. The file is in the wrong File Format so I have requested Salesforce activate additional encoding ...
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Limitations for Import from Enhanced FTP in SFMC

I am using Data Extract -> File Transfer -> Import via an automation to upload my synchronized data extensions to All Subscribers in Marketing Cloud. Currently everything seems to work fine, however ...
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Extracting and exporting (file transfer) SQL query from automation/data extension in Marketing Cloud

There is a database extension in salesforce marketing cloud that I need to export from the automation. I didn't create the DE and am unsure how to export it for use outside of salesforce marketing ...
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Data Extract File Convert activity throwing error

While converting File format from UTF-16le to UTF-8 in Automation studio using Data Extract (File Convert), I am getting error but not able to understand what error is coming as Automation Studio ...
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