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Custom links to generate dynamic reports in lightning

The use of custom links to generate reports in classic Salesforce was possible using the url hacks and it was easy to append the report id at the end of the url and add the dynamic parameters as pv0, ...
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How can we report on a Accounts with a Custom Object and exclude by criteria?

I posted this in the Trailblazers Community but I haven't been able to resolve the question yet, so thought I'd try my luck here! We have a custom object related to an Account to track specific ...
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I am not get the tabular report body in the attached email [closed]

I am not get the tabular report body in the attached email ,could you please help me. global class Exportertest implements Schedulable,Database.AllowsCallouts{ global void execute(...
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Way to filter by row group count > 1

Requirement is to filter for report with multiple complaints for same customer. Added account as grouping by row but unable to filter the group count > 1 kinda of statement. How to achieve this in ...
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Is it possible to query/find reports using a particular report type?

I have a list of report types and I need to find out which reports in my org are using any of those report types. Is there a way to do so instead of manually visiting each report and checking its ...
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Mobile connect: ability to report sms bitly link

Is there a possibility to export or generate a report for bitly link sent through SMS with mobile connect? Thanks in advance
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