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Questions tagged [cross-filter]

Cross-filtering allows a report to filter an object by its children objects, such as only showing Accounts with Opportunities.

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Report - For Product History of an Account

I'm trying to create a report that filters over an account's order history, an umbrella filter. We want to capture accounts that have only purchased product A and not product B. Does anyone know how ...
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How to filter to latest date of Opportunities on an Account

I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to figure out or find this answer - I created a report showing fields from both Accounts and Opportunities and there are sometimes multiple Opportunities tied ...
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Cross filter with a date not working

I'm trying to create a report showing me the accounts without contract for 2022 year I selected : all accounts created date : all time Cross filter : accounts without contracts, start date less or ...
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Report Cross-Filter on Lookup . Looking for a standard solution

the scenario is the following one: My client wants to be able to report his opportunities based on the Account Segmentation I cannot create new fields because we are in a system used by different ...
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Filtering users out in a journey via values housed in separate DE

GOAL: Create a API event journey that filters users out based off of values passed in the API call when compared against matching values in matching fields in a separate data extension. I have a ...
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How can I report all accounts that don't have any CampaignMembers for a specific campaign?

I have a request for reporting on all accounts that don't have at least 1 contact that is a Campaign Member on a specified campaign, but I'm struggling to build this report. It feels like cross ...
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Unable to find a field 'Product Code' for a sub-filter, under a Cross filter of Opportunities with product

I have this Report, of standard report type "Opportunities". I have added a cross filter "Opportunities with Products" But I'm unable to find the standard field "Product Code" to be used in Sub-...
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Unable to create reports based on activities in sfdc

I got a requirement like to create reports for activities.i have user able to view all accounts and Opportunities.But he can't able view all activities while creating reports.I don't where it will not ...
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Campaign Exclusion Report

I am having trouble creating a Campaign with Leads report and could use some help. I have Salesforce Enterprise edition. I have a population of 324 leads that are all campaign members of Campaign A....
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Report cross object filters: pulling only parents with multiple types of cross object children

Sorry if the wording is confusing, let me explain: Our Account object is (indirectly?) a parent of the Asset objects, so it is possible to run a cross object filter on Accounts with Assets, and to ...
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Cross Filter Disabled For Report with Master Detail Custom Report Type

We have a custom report that uses a custom report type but when we try to add a cross filter on the report the option is greyed out / disabled. The custom report type has a relationship from ...
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Filter on Accounts that currently have one product but not another

I need a report that will list out all of our Accounts currently under contract and use one product, but do not have another. I feel like there might be an easy way to do this and that I am possibly ...
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Cross filter trouble | unable to select a parent where there are no grandchildren of a certain type

I have a challenge: I want to be able to find the parent objects that do NOT have records of grandchildren of a certain type. To illustrate the challenge: I have the following objects in Salesforce: ...
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Contact Activity Report (or Contact report with Activity Cross-Filter)

Does anyone know of a way to gather Contacts without activities within a certain time frame (ie: 30 days) and not assigned to a specific user? I've tried a Contact report with the cross filter of "...
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How to cross-filter joined reports?

As of Summer '12, joined reports do not support cross filters and I'm wondering if there is a way to work around it. Example: I have a custom objects for Events, Events Attended, and Work History. ...
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