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How to deploy more than one sharing rule in one deployment?

If I keep two criteria based sharing rules in Account.sharingRules XML file, there is a deployment error in start line of the the second rule: sharing operation already in progress. How do we deploy ...
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1 answer

Contact visible with OWD Private even though user doesn't have access

I got a requirement that I need to soft delete the Accounts and Contacts. So only deleted records should be visible to System Admin. And also all Accounts and Contacts are shared based on role ...
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1 answer

Criteria-based sharing rules don't work when record is owned by Automated Process User

I have an OWD of PRIVATE on Account/Contact Criteria-based sharing rule extends Read to users in Group MyGroup Given a user with CRUD R on Account but not View ALL or View All Data member of ...
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Sharing Rule is not granting access to a public group

I am working with an object called Scope Library. I want users to have read access by default. I want the group Presales to have read, edit and create access on the object. To give users read only ...
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