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Currency conversion with current Exchange rates

I need to convert the Currency from EURO to USD , I am using the fields are TestCurrency__c - Currency CurrencyConvert - Formulafield(Currency datatype) My Organization Corporate Currency is "EURO"....
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How to create test Leads with convertedDate other than today?

I had a VF page with a custom controller. The VF page simply shows how many leads were created by each salesperson in the following ways. Say, for Sales Associate A, how many leads he created YTD ...
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How to force number format on apex:inputText

Background We have an org that has advanced multi-currency activated. Since this feature is activated we are not enabled to use apex:inputField on currency fields. Instead of this we are using apex:...
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XLS Read and Automatic CSV conversion

We have a requirement to read contents (rows) from an XLS file and upload (the file as an attachment) the same once the read and insert into custom Objects are complete. My observation after ...
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How can I create Opportunity Validation Rules without breaking Lead Conversion?

In our Salesforce process, our Opportunities have a custom Picklist field called 'Vertical' to track the industry segment of each Opportunity. I'm trying to make this a required field. I'd like to ...
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