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This header indicates the Internet media type of the message content, consisting of a type and subtype

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Auth API calls resulting in 400 bad requests when POSTing multipart/form-data payloads with SSJS

I'm trying to make Auth API calls to an external API Endpoint from Marketing Cloud using SSJS or AMPScript but I am getting 400 bad request errors for these calls. In talks with a contact from the ...
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I am trying to download a XLS file using visualforce page getting an error #NAME? in the downloaded file. Any inputs?

Controller Code: public with sharing class XLSDemoPage_Ctrl { public String xlsHeader { get { String strHeader = ''; strHeader += '<?xml version="1.0"?>'; ...
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How to Download Value From Browser Local Storage To Word Document using Visualforce

We need to download a MS-Word Document from a Visualforce page which needs to contain the information from the Browser Local Storage as well. How can we fetch and download the value from Browser local ...
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How to download displayed data from VF page into an excel file without querying again?

I have a VF page in which I am displaying data to users. The data is fetched from an external system. I wish to have a download button on the VF page so that users will be able to download the data in ...
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Visualforce to output result of Javascript function as application/json content

I am using a Javascript library to process some JSON data in Visualforce. The result of this operation should become the output of the VF page (ContentType=application/json). I know this is easily ...
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The 'Content-Type' header must be modified using the appropriate property or method.\r\nParameter name

I am making a Http get request to 3rd party api using SSJS. each time i make a call is get below exception: e: {"message":"An error occurred when attempting to evaluate a Util.HttpRequest call. See ...
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ContentVersion Content-Type

I need to stream a file from Salesforce in our webapplication. To make sure the file is properly opened, I have to set Content-Type header. How to retrieve the Content-Type (MIME) of a file? I ...
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Visualforce generated MS Word .doc does not show file Preview

I'm generating an MS Word document .doc in Visualforce using markup as below: <apex:page controller="MyController" contentType="application/msword#myDocument.doc" sidebar="false" ...
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VisualForce: Dynamic Page Headers based on Parameters works as expected until adding actions to page

Background: I am working on a VisualForce page to allow our customers to 'Add to Calendar' from an email alert that they receive when we book an Event. The Apex page takes 2 parameters right now, ...
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Valid values for ContentType

I am creating a KAV article using Apex code. One of fields is a file field, and I set the various fields within there: Name, Content Type, and Body. It appears that I have to set the Content Type ...
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Salesforce Attachments before/after insert trigger: ContentType field value is not available

I need to write a trigger in order to prevent users from uploading some predefined file types. (Please note that I don't want to use "File Upload and Download Security" option for some other reason) ...
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Anyone know the css or code to use to hide a div when VF set to contenttype/msword

I have tried @media print{ display: hidden; display: none; visibility: hidden; width: 0px; } Each time it displays a square block of text with the words {HIDDEN} in the word doc. ...
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Converting from string to blob and sending email along with attachment

I have this method public void sendEmailWithAttachment(){ Blob b; String b64; String strUrlUTF8; String sampleString=generateReport(); //call generateReport method ...
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<apex:inputFile> 'accept' and 'contentType' on VF page only working when not called from mobile

<apex:inputFile value="{!attachment.body}" fileName="{!}" id="file" contentType="{!attachment.ContentType}" accept="image/*,application/pdf"/> If I call this from my desktop ...
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CSV created with first row as empty. Any suggestions please

i am trying to create a csv and succeeded in that except with a new empty row has been added on the top of the csv. The following is the visualforce page code for the generation. Also, i need to use ...
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