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Use this object to query the locations where a file is shared or query which files are linked to a particular location.

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Data load to ContentNote Object using any tool (Informatica Cloud or DataLoader)

I found the below link (another question) - this does not seem to be a correct answer and am urgently looking for a solution for the same. ContentNote with related Object After loading the ...
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Retrieve ParentID on insert of file

How to retrieve AccountId on insert of file. system.debug('LinkedEntityId $$$$'+LinkedEntityId) always gives OwnerId. But after insert of file, I can retrieve two rows from below query on ...
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how to select a ContentDocumentLink via SOAP API from .NET?

We are having trouble getting a "ContentDocumentLink" object back to a .net client via an authenticated API call. A similar call works fine for records from the "Attachment" object. The credentials ...
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Document: You don't have permission to share this file

I am trying to upload a file from salesforce sites into Files and then relate it with a record using VF page. i am able to upload the file and while creating a ContentDocumentLink i am getting this ...
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ContentNote Load using Informatica Cloud

Background : We have lot of junk data from source for Lead object and the same is suggested to be concatenated and loaded to Notes. Issue: We could load the Title and Content - For Titel - A ...
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Insert ContentDocumentLinks for Chatter Content Posts

We have a set of ContentVersion records that have been inserted by users via a FeedItem post. Unfortunately because Chatter groups has many functional limitations we have to migrate these files to ...
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Obtaining all ContentDocument records using SOQL

According to the Salesforce documentation on ContentDocument Users (including users with the “View All Data” permission) can only query files they have access I find this very strange. Why would a ...
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