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exclude search strings from vscode search results

I want to search the files having "write" but at the same time I don't want my search results to include "writeful". So if there is write writeful writer fwrite foowrite Write I ...
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Does Client side search has any significant performance downsides if the data set size increase to about 40K records

I have implemented client side search as follows in LWC -- const searchKey = this.records = this.initialRecords; if ( this.records ) { ...
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Jquery filter is not working on search while type for Table content

I'm trying to have the search while type jquery which would filter the table content based the inputtext typed. I tried to implement the same from ...
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Is the Phone field type ever searchable?

Is the Phone field type ever searchable? Have platform dev questions about searchable fields but have come across conflicting answers. Basically I just want to understand is Phone field type ...
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Lightning search functionality not working

In one section in the lightning grid I display text area fields for which I want to install a search field to search for the text that appears within the text area fields: <aura:component ...
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User unable to search for accounts via soql

I'm using a visualforce page to search an account number where User will able to search a group by leading “0” in addition to 5 alpha-numeric values. If leading “0” is not entered, system should ...
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popup window and search contacts

A window pops up to the Business User .Once clicked the Business User can insert the Email address of the contact would like to merge or delete. Search all Contact records associated with the Email ...
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Dynamic Visualforce Search Page

I'm running into two problems on my search page. Nothing is happening when I click the 'Reset' button and I am getting this error when I search using a date field: System.QueryException: ...
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Enhanced Look up

Say i have an account ABC-12345 I have an enhanced look up for that account in my case. Earlier i would be able to type just ABC in the search and press enter and it would bring this ABC-12345 . but ...
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Different result with the same search keyword on search all files

Am having some problem with search (number 3 in picture below). I have two users, one from country A and another from Country B When country A do a search on search all files, for eg testing file, ...
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Search Text in a PDF file (Attachments)

I am not able to search text in a pdf file tied to attachments(Notes and Attachments) using apex.Here is my apex code. Pdf file contains 'County' text but it doesn't goes into if loop. list<...
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Create a lookup field that searchs only the selected dropdown field

In my product register page, I want to create a search field next to the dropdown list, that will search only the object selected in dropdown. An example: In my drop down I have Audi, Dodge, Mercedes ...
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VF inputText field to filter a wrapper list containing custom SObject

I currently have a wrapper list containing custom sObjects and checkboxes. I also have a inputText field on a Visualforce page and would like to filter the wrapper list by License_Voucher__c which is ...
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How to make a field on Opp Line item searchable

we are using Opportunity Products and pricebooks. So we have different line items on an Opportunity. Every line item (opp product) has an autonumber and other unique entries. Is it possible to make ...
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Is there native support in Salesforce to limit search to a group of fields?

Attempting to confirm that Salesforce does not have native support to query contacts and accounts limiting the results by a combination of the following: FirstName, LastName, City, State. Reason I ...
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How to change fields brought back by Content search?

I created a custom field on Content, but when someone searches Content I want the field to display on the table display. Any idea how to change this?
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