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Recovering SFDX scratch org connection

I know that it is possible (whilst you have a working connection) to explicitly set a password for a scratch org user. However, I hadn't done this. Is there a way to recover access to a scratch org ...
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ECONNRESET error on salesforce API calls at random

I am trying to integrate with salesforce and after a few mins-hours some API calls are failing at random Following is the error captured: { Error: Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS ...
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Application consistently dropping connection every hour or so

I'm running a Discord bot on Heroku and every hour or so (Not designated cycling which is every night), the bot loses connection and has to reconnect to the Discord API. Why does this happen? Can it ...
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getting an error while subscribing an object in sf to sf connection

I have established a sf to sf connection between two orgs, Org 1 Published, Org 2 Subscribed Org 2 Published, during Org 1 Subscribe error An internal server error has occurred. Please help. ...
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Help with Connections issues in the Data Manager for Analytics Studio

I would like to know why the connection to an object does not allow me to see ALL the Fields? I have another ORG with the same Object and it allows me to add more Fields although some are still ...
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