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Connected App Hook

If I have a connected app that is tied to a manage package, is there a way I can create a hook to retrieve metadata that has dependencies to that app from uninstalling until they are satisfied? App ...
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connectedCallback not firing when state is used in NavigationMixin

connectedCallback lifecycle event is not firing when state is used during navigation. If state is removed than connectedCallback is firing. This behavior seems strange to me. AM I missing some ...
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I want to create a callback, but cannot find connected app under the Apps section

I am trying to create a callback from salesforce to other platform. I read some documentation, but I can't find where is the "connected app", is it because my roles issue?
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Update custom LWC table if record is updated

I am new to LWC and here is my problem: I have table and values needs to be updated once the record fields are updated. Here is the code: 1.Apex Class public with sharing class LWCShowSpendigs { ...
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How to identify page has been loaded in LWC component?

I have a lwc component and it is using pubsub. When page is getting loaded pubsub is firing again and again. And hence increasing the page load time. Is there any way we can prevent pubsub to fire on ...
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Is there a security hole in Salesforce's documentation?

I was looking at Salesforce's documentation for implementing an OAuth callback and I noticed they are accepting a "sfdc_community_url" from the client, which should normally only ever be a ...
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LWC Quick Action - recordId propertyindefined in ConnectedCallback context

I am trying to create lwc quick action, which was introduced with the Summer 21 release. I want to use the recordId property from the object that I am on, but the property is 'undefined' in the ...
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LWC multiple apex calls on initialization (Best practices question)

PROBLEM: I have a LWC component which needs to gather data from different objects on initialization event (Objects are: custom object, files and metadata type). This is what I have in place working ...
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Spinner not working properly in LWC

If i do this: 1 async connectedCallback() { 2 this.showSpinner = true; 3 await this.getTableInformation(); 4 this.showSpinner = false; 5 } Spinner starts but never ends. Still a ...