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"unexpected token" error on my Conga Composer button

I have never created a Java Script button before but I tried to create a List View button on our Invoice Object. Use Case: select multiple invoices and run Conga Composer button to view what invoices ...
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1 answer

To sent email while creating a record

I am new to conga composer. My requirement is to sent an email with attachment to Contact when I create a Account record. Is it possible? I have tried using conga workflow, but its not working..Can ...
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2 answers

DocuSign error when Integrated with Conga button's parameter DS7=17?

I am trying to integrate Conga with DocuSign in Salesforce. While doing that, I have entered certain parameters into Conga button like &DocuSignVisible=1 &DocuSignR1ID={!Opportunity.OwnerId} &...
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Conga Composer 8 - generate document from APEX

does anyone know if it is possible possible to trigger Conga action(generate document/send email with attachment/create attachment) from apex code - best would be trigger or batch. Example will be ...
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How to send multiple documents to DocuSign from Conga Composer

We have couple of requirement's using conga composer Based on the type of product we have to send multiple documents composed on Congo to Docusign, but currently CongaComposer is allowing only to ...
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