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How do I use flows to update a custom picklist/text field everytime a topic is added to a contact or lead?

Ideal outcome: When we select an interest tag for a contact or lead record, the flows automations would automatically populate the corresponding interest tags values on a custom field (whether it be a ...
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how to get data as array of object in flow

yesterday I had posted the question regarding the content-type:problem+json in which I dig in and was finally able to understand the real issue, I need to pass the data in the body like this "...
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Access to account team member object

I have a custom profile and the assigned user is not able to see buttons 'Add Default Team', 'Add Team Members' etc. At the time of creating custom profile I had given only Read, Edit permissions on ...
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Remove default LWC Tooltip "This property supports using an expression to define its custom label"

In our organisation we have some LWC with configurable fields in the XML As you can see, some of them have description and others have not. Even for the ones that have a description, the help text ...
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