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Is salesforce apex code compiled to java code? [duplicate]

Salesforce apex syntax is very similar to java. Is Apex code compiled to java code and actually run on the JVM?
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1 answer

Apex Trigger - Compile error

I would like compile my apex triggers, but I receveive the following errors. Same message when i would like deploy apex on my production... :[ (i'm administrator, not dev). Could you help me please ? ...
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Could not build module 'SFMCSDK' & module 'MarketingCloudSDK'

it's Ian, an iOS dev. My client wants to migrate the push notifications campaigns management of their iOS and Android apps to Salesforce. I'm facing compile issues after adding the marketing libraries ...
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Can VS Code compile classes automatically in the background like the Dev Console?

The online Dev Console automatically compiles every few seconds and checks for any kind of undefined variable, but in VS Code you can type all kinds of jibberish that won't throw any errors in the ...
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Compile all Flows?

Is there a simple mechanism to "compile all Flows" (e.g. in the way there is for Apex classes and triggers)? If not, what's the next fastest way to verify that dependencies aren't broken ...
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What are possible side effects of "Compile all classes" in production? [duplicate]

When I validate a change set with RunLocalTests in production (as well as using the CLI with that flag for CI/CD and packaging integration) there was a class that was erroring out as a dependency. I'...
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Code Coverage Failure Your code coverage is 73%. You need at least 75% coverage to complete this deployment [duplicate]

I did run all tests in my sandbox and also tried to run them each individually - the overall avg code coverage is around 88%. However, when i try to validate my change set in prod, it is throwing an ...
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Fast compilation for Salesforce

I have Sublime Text 3 with MavensMate plugin. Also have MavensMate application setup in the machine. Whenever I save any apex file it goes to the server and gets any errors found. Which is a bit ...
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3 votes
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Lightning Compiler - what happens when we save a lightning bundle

Does the lightning bundle elements (html/xml, css, js) gets stored in salesforce servers in their individual native formats and served back to clients in the same format per request ? OR is there ...
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2 answers

Why does Mavensmate on Sublime Text 3 not seem to be autosaving any Apex class

Today, I find I have to Ctrl-S then Ctrl-Shift-S a class file to make it compile using Mavensmate on Sublime Text 3. I feel sure that only a single keystroke was needed before. Am I correct? Is ...
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Salesforce Transaction API version

In ORG we have multiple triggers for Opportunity with different API versions. Some of triggers are installed from managed package and have api versions 25-28. Local ORG opportunity trigger has api ...
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Is there way to compile Managed package classes via Apex or API?

Currently the managed package classes can only be compiled using the link Compile all classes link on the Apex Class list view page. There are methods like compileClasses and compileAndTest. But ...
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1 answer

Deployments pending for excessive amounts of time

Opened a case with Salesforce, but thought this issue could use some exploration. Recently, in two of our sandboxes (one dev pro, other is full, one CS9, the other CS11), deployments via the force....
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6 votes
1 answer

Class cannot be static in Apex

This might be a duplicate question but I couldn't find any answers. According to the documentation: In Apex, you can have static methods, variables, and initialization code. However, Apex classes ...
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Variable is used before it is declared

I've got this line of code: Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile('(?:([\\w&&[^_]]+)|.)+'); However, I'm getting this error in the Developer Console: Variable pattern is used before it is ...
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