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I want to change the color of my utility icon on lwc. No option to add class on its tag: lightning-icon

I have added the utility icon to my table based on condition i.e. dynamically and it's working fine but I want to change its color too which doesn't seem to work for me. If anyone could help. I tried ...
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Color Picker in design:component?

Any ideas on how to add a color picker into the .design component of a Lightning bundle? There's nothing in the docs and I don't know how to insert lightning:input with type="color" into the design ...
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Color picker for lightning component

The Color Picker is plain as black but I can pick the colour When the input field is clicked black screen appears <!-- my static resource --> <ltng:require scripts="{!$Resource.jsColor + '/...
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How to change my <apex:pageBlock > background colour

how to change my apex page block colour (it should be like my VF page Background colour).kindly help on this.
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Column background color in pdf

Please someone let me know how to get a colored background of a column in pageblocktable in an apex visualforce page with renderAs pdf. I have tried with this. It works in pages but fails for pdf. &...
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Object type in <apex:inputField> for color picker

I'm trying to develop a color picker using JSColor but I don't know how to do it with an <apex:inputField>. I have the error below : Save error: Could not resolve the entity from value ...
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