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How to get the frequency of items (All text) from a collection variable in salesforce flow?

I am trying to get the frequency of each item in a collection variable. The collection variable contains all the text values from a field on the contact for different records. Out of all the values I ...
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I can't get an collection variable from flow to apex

I'm stuck on something, I did an apex code that gets all the conversion rate dated by an input which is an invocable variable and an output which is in a dedicated class to appear as collection ...
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Assigning Flow's collection variable with WrapperList generated from Apexaction and loop over

I'm calling an apex action to an invocable method which needs to return a wrapperList. Below is my invocable method & I'm having trouble accessing the returned wrapperList within my flow so that I ...
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Flow: Check if String Collection Variable is Null

In my flow I have created a String Collection Variable which I am using to store Email Addresses. I am passing the Email Address List to a custom Apex component, Send Better. If the Email List is ...
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Find matching records between 2 collection variables from 2 different custom objects in Flow to prevent dupe records?

Background: I'm building a flow that bulk creates conference registrations for Custom Object 2 (COB2) using partial data from registrations in Custom Object 1 (COB1). The end user will clean and ...
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Clarification - Updating Collections in Flows

I'm looking for some clarification around updating record collections in Flows. I have updates that are not committing to the db, and I'm not sure why. My usual update would follow the below ...
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Display Object record information in visualforce page [closed]

I have a map UserTest <Id, List<String>> which displays the User ID and related permission sets assigned to each of the users in the Visualforce page. I need to also display other ...
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Predefine the values in a collection variable

Is there a way to add text values to a collection variable from a predefined list? I have a very long list (>100 items) that I want to loop through item by item but I can't find a way to quickly ...
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Can't assign field values in flow loop to text collection variable?

I'm trying to create a flow that loops through a child object of account (child account). The goal is to loop through various fields for each child account, e.g. platform, assign these values to a ...
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Using Collection Filter to then be used in Delete Action (flow)

I'm building a Record Triggered - After Save flow. In the flow I have a GET element that is gathering all AccountTeamMember records with a specific Account Id. (getCurrentAccountTeamMembers) ...
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Pass Complicated JSON between Flow and LWC, or from LWC Screen Component in Flow to another LWC Screen Component (in another step)

Hello all clever SFDC Developers, I wonder is there any way I can pass a collection of Apex-defined from Flow to Screen, working with property type and property in the typeconfig of corresponding LWC ...
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How can I use an Apex Trigger to start an Autolaunched Flow and pass in a collection of new records?

I have an object that receives frequent imports. We tried a record-triggered flow to handle after-save processing of related records, but we're hitting limits with import files >100 records. Record-...
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Update Records on a Collection variable only updating one record

I've got a simple flow that gets a collection of records, loops through it to assign a new value to a single field, then add the record to a new collection. After the loop finishes, I put the new ...
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Flow Variable collection to Flow variable

I'm trying to iterate over customobject records where there is Master-Detail lookup to Account Object on this customobject. I'm storing accountId for each customobject record into Collection Variable. ...
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How to dynamically set multiple choices to a picklist of a Flow Screen using a resource of type 'Choice'

Is there any way of dynamically setting multiple choices to a picklist of a Flow Screen using a resource of type Choice? It seems a collection variable of type Choice cannot be created nor can it be ...
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Flow Hitting Governor Limits

I have an issue with the following flow : I have a field source on contacts populated automatically by an external Id. Partnership is a custom object on which I can set another source field. When ...
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Screen Flow - Convert Collection Variable into single Id

I have built a Screen Flow which has an upload file component, which I have limited to one file per Flow process. The output of this component is called "Content Document IDs" and required to be ...
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