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need help cleaning my orgs

hello everyone i have a salesforce org and i need to figure out the following : custom objects that are not used. fields in custom objects that are not used. apex class/trigger classes that are not ...
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Best way to analyze and clean up permissions, profiles, and permission set?

I’ve recently became an accidental Salesforce admin for a very large org and I’m working on scrubbing the profiles and permission sets since there seems to be a lot of irrelevant ones with minimal ...
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What is the best practice for cleaning up unused fields or fields that haven't been used in a long time? [duplicate]

I have been tasked with cleaning up fields across our org that are not in use or haven't been used in some time period. For each field of an object, I want to know when the last time its value was ...
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Checking usage of the email templates

I would like to know if it is possible to see in Marketing Cloud the count of emails that are using each email template. This is really useful, for example, when doing a clean-up of the Business Unit.
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In Classic, how can I track the productivity of my team cleaning up records?

Prereqs: Team of 6 employees @ 8/hours a day for 1-2 weeks 25,000-35,000 total records affected (Likely won't get to them all) Various issues -- missing address, missing phone number, "Unknown Last ...
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Does quantity of data extensions impact performance?

In Marketing Cloud, if I begin deleting data extensions, could that do anything to improve the overall loading speed of the UI in the various contexts where Contact Builder data is being referenced?
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Using String Object or Field Names instead of literals. Using object prefixes

Is there any benefit of getting sobject type using Schema.getGlobalDescribe().get('Lead'); instead of Lead.sObjectType; Also what is the benefit of using 3 char prefixes of known IDs like Id ...
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Empty Your Recycle Bin Performance

Empty Your Recycle Bin or Empty Your Organization's Recycle Bin works very slow. Is there some faster way to empty the salesforce recycle bin.
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Accounts clean up using Cloudingo

I have a task in hand to clean up the accounts, basically, remove all the duplicates accounts, The tool my client asked to use is Cloudingo, I am very new to SF administration and Cloudingo, can ...
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Apex to run cross-object duplicate detection (Leads vs Contacts)

I have the following code that checks Phone, Phone2 and Mobile for Leads and gives an error if a Lead with the same phone exists, before saving the new record. How do I turn it into a code that will ...
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Whats the best way to clean the production environment?

I have the Production environment with full of unwanted configuration. I have developed and developing things in my Sandbox environment and I will start pushing that to production later sometime next ...
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97 views clean - setup

I am new to Admin stuffs and trying to setup clean-up some imported lead and account information in the system. What do I need to do in order to implement do I need to install any package in ...
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Find and merge all contacts with duplicate email addresses

I have a data cleaning scenario where I am trying to identify all contacts with a duplicate email address listed on another contact and merge the 2(or more)? Any way I can do this in mass?
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How to clean up picklist data

My org has been around for quite a while and some admins were more meticulous than others about cleaning up old single- and multi-select picklist values. Well, I'm one of the more-meticulous sort and ...
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