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APEX Schema ChildRelationships: why have some relationships their relationshipName = null?

There is some strangeness in the some standard Childrelationships. Most Relationships are as expected, but let us take Account and Quote as an example: On Quote we have a standard lookup field Quote....
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Creating child relationship with reference fails via Composite Tree REST API

In my setup, Leads can have multiple Affiliates (custom object Affiliate__c), which is implemented through a child relationship and where each Affiliate consists of a name and the two related objects: ...
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How to display child records in separate tables on Visualforce page for PDF

Hope we're all hanging in there. I'm relatively new to vf (please bear with me). I'm attempting to create a PDF via visualforce from a custom object (Deal_Summary__c) and its 5 related objects (4 are ...
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Lifecycle hook for child component?

I understand lifecycle hooks for a custom LWC. But how do I detect when a child LWC has loaded in the DOM? For example, let's say I have a <lightning-datatable> that is a child of a custom LWC I'...
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Why are child records I'm inserting in my test class not appearing?

an amateur apex user here and I have a question which I've tried to distill below as much as I can. I have a class OrderTriggerHandlerV2 which fires when Order.OriginalContractedOrder__c gets filled ...
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Adding/removing records in a child relationship list

I am passing a list of SObjects with child relationships to a Lightning Web Component. If I query and pass my query results back to my LWC component directly, this works. In Apex: return [ SELECT ...
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How to structure objects so this subquery works

I have a custom object that looks like this MyObject__c -- Company__c (ref to Account) -- ParentCompany__c (ref to Account) -- CompanyType__c (picklist: Parent/Child) -- (a lot more data and ...
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SOQL query to get Lead attributes from Account via converted account relation

I'm trying to get the Leads columns from the Account object. This is the type of query I want to run, but it doesn't work: SELECT Account.Name, (SELECT Name FROM Account.Leads) FROM Account If I ...
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Is there a work around for Creating multiple Parent and Child Records in a Single Statement Using Foreign Keys for the same SObject?

Im working on inserting multiple campaign records with a self-relationship. I was hoping to do this with one DML statement using the method described here: Link I know in the first paragraph it says ...
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Get the sum of a currency field of all related Opportunity childs and grandchilds using a flow

I just started my flow journey and I can't find a solution to my problem. I have two different opportunity types. In type A I want to display the sum of the Amount field of all the subordinate records ...
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Updating Account owner based on Territory2 and Account relationship

This is my Pseudocode Trigger on Territory2 before Update If IsChanged (UserTerritory2Association.User) Get AccountID of the Account assigned to the Territory from ObjectTerritory2Association Get ...
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How to query formula field and related object field values by Schema class

I have this below method when I am passing fields dynamically to get passed object records. relatedObjectName ==> Planner__c recId ==> RecordId of Planner__c fields = AccountPlanner__r.Email (...
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Update Parent object record from multiple Child records?

We have a custom object (domain) with subscription dates. I'd like to have a field on the account object but bring in the subscription date from each domain that is associated with the account. Ie: ...
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Blank value returned when referencing a custom field on a related custom object on the Account

I have created a Lookup Relationship on the Account object to a custom object named Installation (API name Most_Recent_Installation__c). I want to be able to show a field from this related object on ...
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owner change in case with child record relationship master detail

I am changing the owner of the case and I have a master-detail with viewed notification object.everything is working fine .the problem is in changing the owner of the case does not transfer the viewed ...
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Don't leave Parent Page after adding a new Child object

I have an object: Parent and an object: Child on my SalesForce, the issue is that when I am on my parent object and I click on 'create new child' then I create this child, after confirming that child ...
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Retrieve data on a single query

I need to retrieve an object's info from a single query. Lets say I have 4 objects (A__c, B__c, C__c, D__c). The relationship is that B__c has the master-detail relationship with A__c and B__c is also ...
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parent to child soql not working

i am at a wits end, any help greatly appreciated I have a child object named acf_address__c , that is a child of the contact object the child relationship name on the acf_address__c is called ...
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Child Relationship use in Visualforce

In a visualforce page I can get a list of child records directly (without any query) using the child relationship name like {!ParentObject__c.Child_Relationship_name__r} and this list is of the type ...
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Child-to-Parent Relationship

when i am query the Child-to-Parent relationship(contact to account) relationship field( showing value is = (null account) My query : select name, from contact but parent-...
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Fetch child account name from parent

Estimate is the parent and it has Bid Request as a child. In Bid request there is a field "Name" Above the "Bid Estimate" field, display the selected Contractor's name that is associated to the ...
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i want to edit the empty field on the vf page named as notes

I have created the vf page on account in which account name and account number are read only and there is child object of account named as notes in which there is field notes which is editable on Vf ...
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