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Didn't Understand Relationship - How To Find Child Relationship Name?

I have a many-to many relationship between three objects. LGFProducts, PartsinProducts, and Parts. PartsinProducts is the junction object. I want to be able to get data like the names of the parts ...
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Multiple Sub Query using child parent relationship

Consider in my basket, I have a package (Main Product-just a holder) which will have 2 standalone products (child) and again the standalone products will have child products (Grand Parent). All these ...
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8 votes
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Didn't understand relationship in FROM part of query call [duplicate]

I am trying to query the child record using the parent record id. I understand that we have to use the child relation name in the inner query to get the child records. select id, (select id from ...
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Programmatically Determine Which Objects Allow Lookup References to Them?

I'm wondering if there is a way, via apex, to retrieve all objects that would allow a lookup field on another object to reference them. For example, for a custom object obj1__c, I can create a lookup ...
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Sub-Querying Objects, Plural Relationship Name?

This may be pretty basic I've come across something in SOQL I'm not sure I totally understand. List<Contact> con = [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id, Name, CreatedDate, ContentType FROM Attachments WHERE ...
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assign lookup of accountId contact value on case field (Compile Error: Invalid foreign key relationship: Contact.cases )

i'm fetching data from soql need to insert account lookup value(accountId) and contact lookup value (ContactID) in case create from email services here is my code: String con_Email = envelope....
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