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How to remove escalate to case option from QnA tab salesforce

I wanted to remove the "Escalate to case" option from the QnA tab, as per the document, I had removed that action from feed layout for that profile. But still, while the user logs in and goes to QnA ...
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Accessing ContentReference records via api

I'm working on an app to migrate chatter answer question records into another object. Using apex code I have a process that can map question fields, but haven't found a way of mapping/migrating inline ...
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Chatter Answer is not visible in prod org

I have to work with "Chatter Answer". But I am not able to see the section of Chatter Answers in production org. I searched in the quick search box but didn't find there.. But "Chatter Answer" is ...
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How to query chatter questions in apex?

I want to query chatter question in a soql query. Can anybody specifies the query. Thanks
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chatter question and answer in salesforce1

I have a visual force page which displays the Q&A tab in salesforce1 app. Below is the screenshot of my page: When I type something like a string "test", it displays some results in suggested ...
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How to access Chatter blacklist keywords to moderate Chatter Answers for a community?

The chatter moderation criteria/rules appear to only impact Chatter forums and not Chatter Answers. I can create a trigger on Questions and Replies for Chatter Answers though. I haven't found a way ...
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chatterAnswers:SearchAsk Cannot read property 'ACTION' of null

I have a simple page that's using the chatteranswers:searchask component: <apex:page > <body> <div> <chatteranswers:searchask id="mySearchAskComponent" communityId="...
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How to post to Chatter Answers Community using code

I'm building a custom look/feel for Chatter Answers Community by pulling questions and replies and I'm now at a point where I have to implement users posting replies on this custom front-end I've ...
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How to programmatically surface chatter answers and replies

I'm trying to use apex/visualforce to surface all the questions and replies to these questions. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how to go about doing this. I'm able to display one ...
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"Required fields are missing: [ProfileId]: [ProfileId]" when running Apex Class Test for ChatterAnswersAuthProviderRegTest

I am conducting an Apex test for ChatterAnswersAuthProviderRegTest, as I run this test, I encounter the following error message. System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first ...
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Asking question on salesforce community?

I am trying to post question in salesforce community but i am unable to see ask question link on answer tab. So can anyone help me. Its urgent because i am unable to login in sandbox after refreshing....
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Salesforce internal server error after trying to edit Chatter Answer Zone

I developed Community application on Developer edition org and now I'm trying to configure the application in fresh Sandbox which was refreshed from Production a day ago. My application is used ...
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Visiting the reset password URL after password has been reset

We have a custom branded community set up, this includes branding all 'native' functions such as password reset as well. We accomplished this by enabling Chatter Answers and customizing the Change ...
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Chatter window is not displaying for user

Good morning to all of u guys, Here As a admin i am able to see chatter window But my users are not able to see the chatter window. i was enable the chatter option from the below path setup->app ...
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Renaming the "Customer Support" tooltip in Chatter Answers

Implementing Chatter Answers in a community, we noticed the hover text over the microphone next to a Question or Answer by an internal user was "Customer Support". In this case, the support is ...
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Zone doesn't work with Q&A under Admin

Zone was created for community but Q&A tab dosn't show any questions but shows error message : You do not have access to any Chatter Answers zones. It seems that some changes from summer 14 ...
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Chatter Answers - Is it available for Salesforce Platform edition as well?

Chatter Answers - Is it available for Salesforce Platform edition
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What's with the Chatter Answers test code that's failing?

After enabling Chatter Answers, I now have a trigger called chatter_answers_question_escalation_to_case_trigger. The trigger fails test coverage at 35%. What can I do about this?
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