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HTML issue on link TAGS

I'm using the salesforce einstein chatbot. i have an issue integrating it with magento. The JS is loaded directly after the tag and not using GTM... but directly in the source code. On the answer ...
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ChatBot - Can´t get contact created (First time login)

ChatBot - Linking with WhatsApp There are a lot of contact records in Salesforce with Mobile Phone (unique field). Then, if you try to chat, the bot doesn´t find the contact (created), by mobile phone ...
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Cors Prevent Chatbot Einstein Bot to Load

My team developing chatbot using Einstein bot for our website. Currently we cannot load the chatbot except in salesforce preview page. When we try to run chatbot inside our website, it will not loads ...
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How to format text for chat message when the message is sent via rest request

We have implemented the chatbot in our org and also integrated it with our third party system via endpoint: '/chat/rest/Chasitor/ChatMessage' Now when we are sending the request (message body in JSON) ...