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Would Changing the Installation key of the Second Generation Managed Package needs once again approval from Salesforce

We have published our Second Generation Managed Package in AppExchange Portal after approval from Salesforce. But we want to update the installation key of the Package. Would it needs approval once ...
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Way to resend activation link and send change password link in flow (SOLVED)

I thought i would share a solution to a couple of issues I've been having and have noticed loads of other people asking similar questions, without many viable solutions. This relates specifically to ...
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What is the simplest way to offer "change password" in a Community?

In the Community Administration Login & Registration, there is a "Reset Password" page option that offers: Default Page Visualforce Page I would like to expose the "Default Page" in my community ...
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Getting startURL nullified on Customized Change Password page to login

I am using Custom Change Password page (built on VF) for site. The same page we are using for 3 different layouts - mobile, web and app view. For the app, I have put a logic that redirects ...
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What triggers Expired Password Visualforce Page

I want to write up a custom page for the expired password page. I am unable to find the page that is related to the expired password page, my assumption is that it is the same VFP as the ...
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Comparing String with Community User's password

Scenario: Custom community page includes custom Lightning Component with 3 text input fields: - current password, - new password, - confirmed new password. While I am able to validate 'new password' ...
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setting password with system.setPassword() does change security token as well?

I am setting a password of an existing user, is it possible that setting this password will reset the security token as well ?
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Does the "User passwords expire in X days" setting affect "Customer Portal" users?

Does this affect these kinds of users?
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Change password

I am trying to build a custom page with lightning components where the users of my community can change their own password. I want to do it with the site.changepassword method as described here:https:/...
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Password not reset for Single Sign-On User

Some of our Community Users who do have SF1 enabled cannot login to the S1 app, they're getting password errors. However, these users are SSO so they can't reset their passwords. What should we do to ...
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Cannot go to other pages after open ForgotPassword link

In our community we have "Reset your password" page which simply run the following code: Site.forgotPassword(username); Then user receives an email with a link:
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System.UnexpectedException: INACTIVE_OWNER_OR_USER: owner or user is inactive

I have below trigger that needs to activate the User as well as generate reset password link for the same when a custom checkbox field is checked. Below is my apex trigger code that throws this error ...
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Salesforce password reset link expires immediately upon request

I'm running in this issue for two separate accounts: I would use the "Forgot your password?" link on to request a password reset link to be sent to my email. However, every ...
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Password Policies : Salesforce Commnunites

I am developing a custom Salesforce Community, where in I have developed a custom Password Confirmation page. The current functionality is working fine. I just need to compare the old password while ...
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How to reset password of salesforce dev account if I don't remember security questions

I forgot my password of salesforce dev account and don't remember my security question. Suggested solution for this is to create a support ticket for this and salesforce support ppl will reset my ...
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Link from community welcome email doesn't open change password page

The problem is rather straightforward. When user registers into our community, he gets a welcome email with a 'get started' link. It's a standard sf behaviour. But for some reason when clicking on ...
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Page Redirect in Community Pages

I have enabled Chatter Answers to override the change password page. This is working fine, on click of the link from email it is landing on the change password page. In the controller of change ...
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Mass reset password

I've got a lot of user and I've to reset their passwords. How can I reset their passwords in mass? Can I do it with "Jitterbit" or "Data Loader"?
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Change password - how to test this

I have generated a VF page for end users to change their password. Within the method, I used the outbound web service call to verify whether their old password entered are correct. The code is copied ...
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customizing the change password page in communities

Hi I'm working on communities and would like to customize the change password page that is displayed to the customer after a password reset. This is the url to the default changepassword- /_ui/system/...
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possible to register for community without having to wait for email link?

I have a custom VF page I'm using to allow users to register for a community. Is it possible to create their user record, then take them directly to the change password page without forcing them to ...
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