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Can the cometd library be used in Salesforce to listen to external buses?

I'll confess up front that my knowledge of event architecture is limited: Can the cometd library that we can use to listen for Streaming API and Platform Events also be used to listen to external (i....
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2 answers

Change Data Capture

With the new Change Data Capture tool coming out soon, why would someone use this over Platform Events? My understanding is that CDC utilizes Platform Events under the hood anyways.
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4 votes
2 answers

Subscribing to a Channel with an Invalid ReplayId?

I am currently in process of building a CDC application in my environment that captures changes and then places them on an Azure service bus for later processing. The way I have the application ...
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Will Change Data Capture eventually replace PushTopics/Streaming API?

I need to notify an external system component about changes in Salesforce data. I am confused by the fact that there exist two seemingly competing solutions in Salesforce for that. Both look very ...
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Cannot subscribe to Capture Data Changes (CDC) channel using EMP Connector

I'm trying to implement CDC using the EMP Connector sample. I run it against the sandbox and try to subscribe to channels such as /data/ChangeEvents or /data/AccountChangeEvent. I always get this ...
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