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Case Sensitive LIKE query fails for same letter with different cases

I have a custom string field, that is explicitly marked as Case Sensitive. When I query for this field, like so: SELECT field__c FROM Object__c WHERE field__c LIKE 'a%' OR field__c LIKE 'A%' I ...
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Convert Contact List to upperCase in Aura [closed]

I've a below code to sort the contact list without case insencitive. Code: List<Contact> contacts = new List<Contact>(); { contacts = [Select id,Name from Contact where ...
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Long Text Area field behaving as case sensitive while searching a keyword

I have a Long Text Area(500) field Description__c on Account object. When i'm trying to search a keyword in this field value, it seems it's behaving as Case sensitive to find that keyword. For e.g. ...
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Force capital letters in a lightning-input element

Is there any way to capitalize the letters from a lightning-input (type text) in html? I'm using this in a lightning-datatable and when a use insert a lowercase field, it's sorted before the capital ...
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Update Case in Queue that User Should Not Have Access to in Visual Flow

I'm using Email-to-case to generate cases from emails sent by internal employees. The case is automatically sent to a queue, ex: My Company's Inbox Queue. I only want specific users (designated by ...
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Is Salesforce SOQL GROUP BY case sensitive for different locales?

Lets say I have records with values like 'TEST DATA' and 'test data' in some field. When I run SOQL (in Developer Console or from Apex) by user with EN locale, it arranges records with 'TEST DATA' and ...
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SQL Query Activity Data Extension Values are Case-sensitive?

Are Data Extension values case sensitive when querying with SQL query activity? I found this to be the case when querying WHERE Status = 'Active' that it ignored records with a status value of "...
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