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Capture and track visitor using external form without form handler

We are moving away from using Pardot Form Handler because we've noticed that it has become unreliable on our website. We have a WordPress website that has Gravity Forms for user registration and we're ...
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Where is the Ampscript Error in this code?! Evaluates properly in email, throws 500 error in Cloud Pages

Trying to code a form handler, and something is going awry with the RetrieveSalesforceObjects and CreateSalesforceObjects calls (I think) in my code. My parameters are posting to the page fine (I can ...
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Is it possible to create a proxy voting form in a Salesforce Object?

I have created an object called 'Shareholders' and for every Shareholder record I would like to capture their votes. I need to create a table like below (per record) where I can capture their vote(s) ...
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