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How 2GP ConnectedApp metadata combines with Connected App in released 1GP

We have a 2GP with an Aura Component that contains a Canvas App. We followed the documentation from Salesforce and created a Connected App in a namespace packaging org and created a released 1GP ...
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Canvas app in 2gp managed package

I have connected app on my scratch org which is rendering canvas app in aura component. On my connected (canvas app) im using CanvasLifecycleHandler class implementation on connected app settings. I'm ...
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Is it possible to access the current record id in the LifecycleHandler of a Canvas app that is embedded in a page layout?

I am attempting to get the context of the record being viewed, within a CanvasLifecycleHandler class so that I can perform some work and enrich the parameters collection in the Canvas Signed Request ...
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Adding custom variable for callback url in packaged Connected App (Canvas)

how can we add additional parameters to callback so that we can determine the SF org which is calling the our server. We were to do this for Canvas url via Adding Custom Setting (List) and adding ...
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How do I see exceptions being thrown by a class that implements Canvas.CanvasLifecycleHandler.onRender()

I've got a class that implements the onRender(Canvas.RenderContext renderContext) method of Canvas.CanvasLifecycleHandler. It has a corresponding test class that uses the Canvas.Test methods to set ...
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How do I Assert in a CanvasLifecycleHandler test class

I have a CanvasLifecycleHandler thst rewrites the url with a timeStamp. Is it possible to assert in the test class that the url has been changed? If so, how? CanvasLifecycleHandler public ...
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