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Connected App In Managed Package with Different Call-back URLs

We are working on an composite AppExchange Application. Which uses connected app to connect to Salesforce from the composite (external) App. As the composite (external) app has different call-back ...
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Can we reload screen after Save from force:editRecord event?

I've a Custom Lightning Component displaying a List custom object records. On each data row, I've custom button to Edit the record. On Edit click, I've fired following event: var editRecordEvent = $...
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How to prevent unmounting of component when using errorCallback lifecycle method in LWC

I am having an root LWC component and nested inner child LWC components structured like below for example. <c-application> <c-header></c-header> <c-form-container> <...
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Callback on "e.force:editRecord" Lightning Event

I have a page listing Cases with an edit button assigned to each one - the edit button fires a standard e.force:editRecord event, passing the recordId per button. Is there a way I can run a function/...
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Adding custom variable for callback url in packaged Connected App (Canvas)

how can we add additional parameters to callback so that we can determine the SF org which is calling the our server. We were to do this for Canvas url via Adding Custom Setting (List) and adding ...
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ChartJS Axes Callbacks not able to be passed from Parent to Child component

I am using ChartJS to display numerical values and I am looking to modify the Axes labels to display with commas. I want to do so by having the chart config look like: var xyValues = [ {x:50, y:7},...
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Open CTI Callback issue in Managed package

I am facing this issue that my Open CTI method callbacks are not executing in an org where I have installed managed package. They work absolutely fine on the org where I developed my application as ...
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How to incorporate Consumer id and consumer secret in my REST API (Apex class)

I have a requirement where some external web forms would be calling our REST API to submit Lead. I have created a connected app, got the consumer id and consumer secret. I want my apex class to be ...
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Lightning:recordForm onSuccess event not returning response

I'm trying to get the response in the onSuccess callback for a lightning:recordForm save event, but it's coming up as undefined. The callback is being called, I can log to the console, but both of the ...
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callback in helper for multiple methods

I am trying to display a form with dropdown values; one dependent on the other. They work fine independently. But when I put them together with the callback, I do not get any values. Please assist. ...
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How to pass var to callback?

a today, i´m learning lightning, and i block with asyncronous callback. To practice, i did a small helper with apex call and a callback, but when a update a var out of callback, the value in callback ...
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Not Able to receive Request Access Token from Connected Apps

I tried this Connected App setting but inside my codes I'm receiving null value for my Request Access Token in the codes. Can someone help me check whats the problem? I'm Testing the code using the ...
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Getting callBack error in Aura

Hello i am trying to show toast message in aura but i am unable to do so .Can you please review my code and tell me whats the problem . component.cmp <aura:component > <lightning:button ...
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Not able to render HTML in PDF using jsPDF library in LwC

I am trying to build a simple custom pdf in LwC using jsPDF v2.5.1 library and loading this library using loadscript in rendered callback method, now I am trying render HTML content in PDF using doc....
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Aura Component - Uncaught Error in $A.getCallback()

I have one Aura component created in 2019 by previous developer. This is dynamicPicklist which is taking records as values. Sometimes after refresh I am getting error: Uncaught Error in $A....
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Lightning out App error in callback function in aura component created from vfp

I have a vfp as below called from a related list button which create an aura component: $Lightning.use("c:LA03_SendFormToContact", function() { $Lightning.createComponent(...
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Subscription Filters for Event Notification Service - Transactional Messaging API

Our testing approach for Marketing Cloud transactional emails will rely on folder organisation and send definition keys that are prefixed with an environment name, as well as different installed ...
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Fetch Auth. Provider Callback URL in Flows

I have successfully created Auth. Provider from my ScreenFlow. I want to display the callback URL in the same flow. Can someone please tell me whether there is any way to fetch the Callback URL of a ...
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How can i show the api response in my component with toast

I call api rest with apex, in a lightning component: i have this code in apex class, public static String agentesCrear(String agentesJson){ String bodyReq = agentesJson.replaceAll('\\[', '')....
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Forget password link from SSO does not redirect back to callback url

We have set up a connected app in Salesforce and configured a callback url for integration with a separate authentication management system. When logging in from our application, upon successful ...
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ReCaptchav2 check not working when enabling submit button

I'm developing an app on my site ( and I'm trying too add RECATPCHAv2 to my create account form. The goal is to keep the 'Register' button ...
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Aura component: Mutiple $A.enqueueAction takes long time

I'm testing a component where I upload a file, convert to base64 and split into several CHUNK Parts send each one to an apex method. This component seems quite common online. Like: https://sfdcmonkey....
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Auth Provider Callback masking ErrorDescription

we have Azure as Auth Provider for our community users. For some reason whenever Auth flow is interrupted in Azure, SF masks result in callback call and error_description is removed. Because of this, ...
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Component Helper Async Issue?

I have a component that is using aura:iteration to loop through some data and output a table of results. One column in this table is a link to the record. I created a clickevent handler and a helper ...
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Custom validation message on Lightning Component

I am not able to show the custom validation error message based on my callback method in the helper class. Controller.js saveCase : function(component, event, helper){ var validTab4 = helper....
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Can not get token back from OAuth callback URL using CurrentPage.parameters

Can not get token back from OAuth callback URL using CurrentPage.parameters We have a connected app for which the callback URL is a visualforce page.
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Callback on completion of AsyncApexJob

Is there a way to have Apex code execute when an asynchronous job finishes? I want to solve this problem without polling (which seems to be the dominant solution).
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