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Dynamically set Connected App Callback URL

I am trying to dynamically update the callback url in a connected app. When creating a sandbox, I want to run an apex class that change the callback URL from a production to UAT callback endpoint. ...
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Callback after the record was created using e.force:createRecord

Are there a way to add callback after the user created a record and clicked the Save button? I am using a custom tab and custom components and open the Create a record modal window using e.force:...
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I have two helper functions that are the exact same, one executes and one doesn't. How come?

So I have many of these, 10 to be exact and three won't execute, they are all the exact same and I feel I have been going around in circles for hours. I have noticed that if an apex method ends with ...
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Creating Generic Related List Lightning Component

I am trying to create a simple, reusable component that allows me to list related records in an easy to read way. I want to be able to use this component a few times on a single record, and I would ...
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Callback on "e.force:editRecord" Lightning Event

I have a page listing Cases with an edit button assigned to each one - the edit button fires a standard e.force:editRecord event, passing the recordId per button. Is there a way I can run a function/...
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ChartJS Axes Callbacks not able to be passed from Parent to Child component

I am using ChartJS to display numerical values and I am looking to modify the Axes labels to display with commas. I want to do so by having the chart config look like: var xyValues = [ {x:50, y:7},...
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