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Remove All Records with the Same email Domain in Suppresion list [duplicate]

We have a lot of Emails in our Auto Suppresion lists but I want to remove them all from the Auto Supression. Bellow is to delete multiple records in the Auto Suppresion list but we have ...
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Auto-suppression reporting

We have implemented auto-suppression in our parent BU down to all BU in order to suppress email sends to Russia. This is working fine. When the system tries to send an email, it just suppress this ...
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2 answers

Can Auto-Suppression Configurations be targeted via SQL Query activity?

Auto-Suppression Configurations (ASCs) are actually Data Extensions behind the scenes. This can be established by retrieving all DEs in a BU, or by retrieving a specific auto suppression using the ...
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Do Contacts in the Auto-Suppression lists or Global Suppression List count towards Contact Limit?

Wondering if anyone knows if the contacts in Auto-Suppression lists count towards the Contact Limit.
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Auto-suppression list restarts triggered sends and delivers all queued emails

Would someone be able to clarify what the following means please? Creating auto-suppression lists restarts triggered sends and delivers all queued emails. I need to edit an existing auto-suppression ...
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How to Populate Auto Suppression List from Cloudpage Form

I am trying to create a cloud page form with just one field (Email), I would like to add that email to Auto suppression list when I submit the cloud page form. I created a cloud page with smart ...
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Auto-Suppression List Update with SSJS Problem

We are having trouble adding records to our Auto-Suppression List. We've used SSJS to first delete and then add records from our master DE to our Auto-Suppression List. Here is our code: <script ...
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Add Subscriber into Auto Suppression List Using SSJS [duplicate]

I'm trying to add the subscribers from normal Data extension to 'Auto Suppression List' using the SSJS but my code below code is not working in case of auto suppression list it wokrs with normal Data ...
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