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We can’t log you in because of the following error. Remote_Error: The remote service returned an error

I have a strange case. I have custom Auth Provider, trying to authorize named credential and getting: Problem Logging In We can’t log you in because of the following error. For more information, ...
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How to use a Named Credential within an Auth. Provider Plugin?

I'm currently working on an Apex Auth Provider Plugin, and I've encountered a PMD code scan error with the following message: Suggest named credentials for authentication. Rule: Security-...
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Getting error Remote_Error: The remote service returned an error when trying to authenticate named credential using a custom auth

I am trying to authenticate an external service while using a custom authenticator with client credentials, but when I click save I get the error "Remote_Error: The remote service returned an ...
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Get Refresh Token after callout failure

Named Credentials is setup for "ABC" and same details we are storing in ABC_Metadata__c. We are storing Refresh Token and Access Token in one record custom object Token__c. We have one ...
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Custom Metadata Update does not run QueuebleHandler in Metadata.DeployCallback when called from extended Auth.AuthProviderPluginClass

I am trying to update a Custom Metadata record using the following code, which works perfectly well when run as an Anonymous user through the development console: public class SageMetaDeploy ...
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Is there a way to shorten/override the stateToPropagate parameter from AuthProviderPluginClass methods?

Following the Apex structure of AuthProviderPluginClass: getCustomMetadataType() Returns the custom metadata type API name for a custom OAuth-based authentication provider for single sign-on to ...
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How to implement PKCE flow in custom external authentication provider?

Objective is to implement PKCE (proof key for code exchange ) verification as part of SSO with an external identity provider and Salesforce Experience Cloud Tried so far: Setup a custom Auth. ...
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Auth.AuthToken.getAccessToken returns null for third party provider

I'm using a Named Credential and custom Auth Provider to get access to the Xero service. I have the following Auth.AuthProviderPluginClass public with sharing class XeroAuthProvider extends Auth....
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How does stateToPropagate work when extending Auth.AuthProviderPluginClass

I have created an apex class that extends the Auth.AuthProviderPluginClass. Everything is working but I have a requirement to pass "language":"fr" or "language":"en&...
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How does a Named Credential with a custom Auth. Provider check token validity?

When using a custom OAuth 2.0 provider as an extension of AuthProviderPluginClass for a Named Credential how does Salesforce check whether the current token is valid before attempting to request a new ...
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