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Questions tagged [aura-method]

Questions related to the aura:method tags which are used to define a method as part of a component's API.

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Unable to pass data from parent to child component aura

I'm working in a lightning aura component and I'm trying to pass variables from parent to child but it's showing undefined. If I display it in logs before passing it to the child component variables ...
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Aura method not firing from Parent component

I'm not sure why today is seeming like a Monday again. I'm referencing these articles letter for letter but yet my code is not executing the child component method. I'm probably missing something ...
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Passing Data from Child to Parent in Aura

I am trying to open a modal once clicking on a button which is in the parent component. For that I have used aura:method in the child component and calling that child component in the parent component ...
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Information about event in JS controller in AURA

I would like to know where I can get relevant information about the methods that have the event of the aura controller, i.e. this my_function: function(cmp,event,hlp)... I know a lot of the others, ...
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How to pass array to apex method in LWC

I am creating custom functionality of Adding opportunityLineItem in LWC. Once I input details and click 'Save' I am not able to pass string value or object value to Apex method. Throwing error. ({"...
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How to change the value of aura:attribute inside a aura:iteration when a condition is met?

I want to change the value of aura:attribute when a particular condition is met inside an aura:iteration. This is the code: <aura:component> <aura:attribute name="products" type="List" ...
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display the contents of aura:if from another component

I'm trying to show (or unshow) the contents of aura:if by changing the isTrue value from another component. The value of isTrue is changed but the contents cannot be displayed.. Anyone knows how to ...
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Reading a file from salesforce aura helper recursion problem

I'm trying to read a file in an async way on aura helper, but recursion is not happening, is just executed once. The code is pretty simple and tried a lot of approaches but no one work. I try with ...
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@AuraEnabled methods and fields : field declared as @AuraEnabled not available in @AuraEnabled method

I am new to lightning and i have written a controller for the component. public class TScontroller{ @AuraEnabled public Case caseDetail {get;set;} . .// few @AuraEnabled variables declared as above ....
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Lightning Inter-Component Communication Patterns: how to pass efficiently pass down data from parent to dynamically created child? [duplicate]

I know two ways of pass data from parent to child in the case of a static created child components: passing attribute values from parent to child and exposing child methods to parent. The latter ...
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2 answers

Standard aura:attributes and aura:method attribute

My question is in regards to the fact that I need to get a value from Child component to Parent component. I want to directly call a method from the parent to the child to obtain some data from that ...
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NaN issue in aura:method

I have a aura:method the return value from parent is NaN. Why is my code returning NaN? child component <aura:method name="myAction" action="{!c.myAction}" ...
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Why is an action callback not getting called?

I have a helper function called via a controller function and am calling it in two circumstances: save : function(component, event, helper) { var action = component.get("c....
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Do calls to aura:method only return synchronous results in the context of the framework lifecycle?

I have been experimenting with returning synchronous results from an aura:method called by a parent component. I have observed two use cases in which results are never returned: When the aura:method ...
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aura: method to call child component controller function not working

Using <aura:method>, I am not able to call child component controller function from parent controller. Below code. Parent Component <aura:component access="global" implements="force:...
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