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questions regarding the aura:iteration component. This coomponent iterates over a collection of items and renders the body of the tag for each item.

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Lightning "change" event doesn't fire in aura:Iteration

I am passing an Object to my component and iterate through it's child records. To handle changes I added the Lightning change handler. (I made data an array, so I can set a default for demo purposes, ...
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How do I get the value of a checkbox in Lightning Component [duplicate]

I have a 2 date field where user can enter 2 dates and I iterate between the 2 dates. each date will bring a checkbox of am or pm. I wanna get the value of each date and if either checkbox was checked ...
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Lightning Components: How to do nested aura:iteration of a list of Accounts with subselected Contacts?

Scenario In Visualforce we had strong patterns for implementing the rendering of hierarchical structures. As a simplified example (standing for many other use cases) let's say we want to show all ...
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