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Can I create salesforce reports showing user activity?

I need to create reports on a specific user, basically what they've done in recent days in terms of edits/deletes of records on some of the standard SF data objects. I thought that this would be ...
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After Enabling "Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation" Permission check for is createddate Creatable still returning false

I have set Enable "Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation" and "Update Records with Inactive Owners User Permissions" permission checked true in userinterface. After that i am ...
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Is there a way to differentiate user from user-initiated systematic field value changes in field history?

I'm working in an org that is highly regulated and has multiple systematic field changes that happen as a result of a user making a single field change. For example, when an opportunity stage switches ...
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Can we track changes made via workbench?

We are working on our audit readiness and are preparing to restrict connected app access to Workbench for all profiles, except System Admins for full use and our Analysts so that they may do queries. ...
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Ability to set CompletedDateTime on Task object while loading tasks from data loader

We are trying to load tasks using data loader, where curtains tasks need to be loaded in 'Completed' status, we have observed if a tasks get's loaded with 'Completed' date the System is automatically ...
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Is it possible to edit the Audit fields on UPDATE?

I found a question that was asked 7 years ago but they are only mentioning that Audit fields can be change on Create/Insert... What about when fields are already created and needs to update the ...
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Retrieving CreatedById of a custom metadata type

Is it possible to query fields like CreatedById on a custom metadata type record? Evidently not, but apparently I should be able to?! SELECT CreatedById from MyObject__mdt No such column '...
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Event Audit Trail Details are Not Getting Captured in the File which is available for Event Log Tracking on the FTP

Team, let me know what actions needs to be performed in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud wherein those actions can get captured in the Event Log File which is available on the FTP. Currently, when I ...
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Access audit trail data outside of salesforce

I need to pass audit trail data to informatica. Can anyone suggest how informatica extract the data. is there any way to query audit trail or any standard api to fetch data
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Unable to set LastModifiedDate when creating records in bulk inside a scratch org

I've enabled "Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation" permission on a permset (as per help page). Inserting it via: sfdx force:data:bulk:upsert -s MyNS__Some_Record__c -f invs.csv -i Id -w 5 ...
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How to update CreatedDate field using API in Enterprise edition? Always throws an error

Error [2018-07-29 09:31:20] local.DEBUG: SALESFORCE_EXCEPTION:RESPONSE_BODY:[{"message":"Unable to create/update fields: CreatedDate. Please check the security settings of this field and verify that ...
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