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An asynchronous process is a process or function that executes a task "in the background" without the user having to wait for the task to finish. Typically, you will use Asynchronous programming for callouts to external systems, operations that require higher limits, and code that needs to run at a certain time.

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Calling one asynchronous apex from another [closed]

Can anyone provide me when we can call an asynchronous apex from another specially between when they are not of same type like schedulable from future or batch from schedulable,etc
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Batch versus Future ? which way should we prefer in below requirement? [closed]

We have 100 account records ,we need to send the each of account record to make call-out. Which would be preferable and why ? If future is not preferable and why ? We can do call outs making batch ...
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Is there a way I can run an asynchronous batch class synchronously? [closed]

I know, it should not be done. But theoretically is it possible?
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AsyncApex Scenarios [closed]

I am writing a few Ques for which i have found conflicting answers on Internet. Also I have written my Answers after researching on Internet, but wasnt 100% sure, hence posting these here to clear ...
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Batch Apex Class to update lookup field

I really need help with my code. I am trying to update Account records with lookup field to right Pricebook2 based on Customer_Price_Group__c field on Account and Pricebook2. Customer_Price_Group__c ...
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How to solve read time out error in Apex callout?

Hi all and thanks for reading Got this code: public class SendingZabbixServices{ @future(callout = true) public static void zabbixDoPostFuture(String jsonString, String endpoint){ ...
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Help in writing Asynchronous Batch Apex to avoid governor limit of 150 records

I have a function that has the DML operation inside the for loop due to which I am running into governor limit exception of 150 records. I read about batch apex on Salesforce discussion about not sure ...
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Which is a better approach when updating records using batch class, to place it in execute or finish method?

Sorry but I am new to this and I just wander, do you think it is better to put all the millions of records inside the Map object which is process by the execute method, however the dml where the ...
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System.AsyncException in trigger

Trigger Snippets: if (JIRA.currentUserIsNotJiraAgent()) { if(System.isFuture() == false || System.isBatch() == false || System.isScheduled() == false) { //Check, If Not in any Async Apex ...
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While trying to run ScheduleApex it give error

//This is code global class Schedule1 Implements Schedulable{ global void execute(SchedulableContext sc){ List<Account> accounts=[SELECT ID,NAME,INDUSTRY FROM ACCOUNT WHERE NAME='...
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