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Questions tagged [async-trigger]

Async triggers are triggers written on CDC Change Events

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Can an Asynchronous Trigger run parallelly with Batch Apex/Future/Queueable or it's added in queue

I am planning to write an Asynchronous Trigger but I am not any documentation, if Async Trigger can run parallelly with other async process or it's added in queue based on availaible resources. Thank ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Change data capture async triggers don't get all the events when doing multiple record operations on the same execution thread

After doing more than one operation in a single transaction, the change data capture event trigger does not get the two expected events. For example, we will create and update a Lead in the same ...
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Add Async Triggers into a Managed Package

Salesforce released the Process Change Event Messages in Apex Triggers in Summer '19, is this feature available in the managed package?
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4 answers

Change Data Capture and Async Triggers

I have been reading about the new Salesforce async triggers. Currently, I tend to handle these sort of needs with a trigger that passes data to a 'Handler class' that would evaluate if a certain ...
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