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3 answers

Apex Array Slice

Sometimes I like to use a Queueable to perform work on a list of Ids or sObjects over the heaver Batchable Interface. However, to do this, we need a very solid implementation of an Array slice ...
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Array.push() won't update Lightning Web Component View [duplicate]

We are migrating over to Lightning Web Components in the last couple of weeks now and we had some struggles with the arrays in Javascript. On a trackable array, when I call push in a wiredMethod, ...
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1 answer

Array.push() on a @tracked array doesn't cause component refresh in lightning-accordion in LWC

This may be a duplicate of Array.push() won't update Lightning Web Component View However, that is for an @wire case, while this is for lightning-accordion. I am attempting to use the lightning-...
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How does Guide Template Language parse a straight JSON array?

I'm learning Guide, and I've been able to parse an array of objects... AmpScript: set @json = '[{"voucher":"123456789"}, {"voucher":"234567890"}]' Guide: {{.dataobject JsonVar type=variable ...
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4 votes
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How do I access an array index referenced by attribute?

I am totally new to Lightning, and I come from a JavaScript background. This is what I have so far. <aura:attribute name="Packages" type="Map" default="{p1: {name: 'Package 1', price: '2500 $'}, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to pass an array of a class from a helper to an apex controller

I have created a class with several fields like this: public class Tier{ @AuraEnabled public String Name {get; set;} @AuraEnabled public integer Min {get; set;} ...
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1 answer

How to pass a Javascript array to an Apex controller?

I have the following problem, I want to assign an array of javascript to a list of the apex controller. I have to update 3 list of the saleforce page with a "save" button and pass to the controller ...
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0 votes
2 answers

How to insert a data from the same inputfields into a custom object

I,m trying to save data into a custom object from a repeated form in visualforce page. This is the visualforce code. Can I do do this using array? or list? or map?.. any idea?.. <apex:form> <...
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Display list in triggered send email based on supplied data

I have only recently started using the salesforce marketing cloud (exact target) to send out emails, so if there's something conceptually wrong with my question, forgive me :). So let's say I have ...
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2 answers

How to pass array to apex method in LWC

I am creating custom functionality of Adding opportunityLineItem in LWC. Once I input details and click 'Save' I am not able to pass string value or object value to Apex method. Throwing error. ({"...
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