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Does each field update in Approval Processes cause a trigger to fire for each update, or does it act in bulk?

We have a quite bit of activity that acts on update of an Object which causes UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW errors with subsequent transactions within a 2 minute time period. Hence, I'm trying to minimalize DML ...
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Capture Approval Comments

Is there any way to capture approval comments in an approval process and store them to a text field using any of the automations? I have seen a way to do it using a trigger and call an approval ...
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2 answers

Removing Submit for approval button once the record is approved

I have an object that contains a checkbox field, whenever the checkbox is updated to true, submit for approval button should be removed. Eg: If the Record Sent for approval is approved, it should not ...
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Approvals : how to Withdraw an email automatically Approved before the activation of the Approval process

We created an Approval process. So all the emails already created on Content Builder before the activation of the Approval process are Approved by default. However, how can we do to EDIT an email ...
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Performing an action when user reassigns an approval step

In the approval process a user can reassign the step to someone else. I need to build a business logic around this reassignment but I cannot find where in Salesforce its happening. I tried workflows ...
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Need to Create a 3 level approval Process, Unable to identify how to do it

I need to create , a three level approval process. My organization as 67 users. so I cant just manually fed the users. I have three Roles Thailand Sales Rep Thailand Sales Manager Thailand Sales ...
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unable to save due to Error: Compile Error: Unexpected token 'void'. at line 1 column 8

I'm trying to save the following controller, it's meant to mass approve a custom object record "Expense__c". Please help... public void approveActionFunction() { public void ...
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Replacing an Approval step with an email alert

I have an existing five-step approval process on a Quote object, where the first step is Manager approval for various discounting or exception scenarios. I want to remove this first approval step (and ...
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Approval Process: Totally approve by approver 2 if approver 1 does not approve after 2 days

I dont know if this is possible. I want to create a workflow of 2 approvers(step by step wherein approver2 can only approve if approver 1 already approved) however, if approver 1 did not approve it ...
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Approval Process Customization

I have a requirement where the approver can send the record back to submitter to Rework as well besides Approving or Rejecting. Records can be Approved, Rejected or sent back for Rework. How can ...
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1 answer

Visual Flow Approval

From my visual flow, I need to approve a record that's in the pending stage of an approval process. I've been able to get as far as creating a flow that gets the pending ProcessInstance of the record ...
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1 answer

Salesforce1 Submit for approval

Does the submit for approval process works in Salesforce1? Is there currently a way to submit custom objects for approval in the Salesforce1 mobile app? Yes, thanks! I also wrote a trigger to toggle ...
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4 votes
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Approval Process Limitation Workaround

So I know that the last step in an approval process cannot have a 'else' knowledge action. What I mean is, if the step is not the final step of an approval process, and you choose to only enter that ...
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