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SF Package Install Warn - @salesforce/plugin-packaging different from the version specific by sf - Type Error - this.config.plugins.filter is not a fn

I am running into an issue/error when I am trying to run the sf package install command I am using the latest @salesforce/cli which is currently 2.20.6 (even tried latest nightly 2.22.1) https://www....
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How do I get custom settings data into other companies setups when they install my app?

I don't know much about Salesforce, but I've learned a lot these last few months. I was given the assignment to create an app for the Salesforce App Exchange, so that our API would be available inside ...
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Salesforce Managed Package Installation Error Sandbox

I am installing Package in Sandbox , It will not Installing I am installing same in Developer Edition Installing fine. What is reason not installing in Sandbox
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Salesforce Managed Package Installation Error

I am getting the following Error when I try to Install managed package. I am uses the Professional Edition of Salesforce. 'Either you or your organization has exceeded the maximum number of ...
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