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Salesforce Winter release in 2012. This corresponds to API 26.0.

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Building up URL to include package name in email template

I can put a hyperlink to an Opportunity in an email template by doing: <a href="{!LEFT($Api.Partner_Server_URL_140, FIND('.com/',$Api.Partner_Server_URL_140)+3)}/{!opportunityId}> link </a&...
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Is SOQL Polymorphism enabled by default in API 26?

Is SOQL Polymorphism enabled by default in API 26? I'm getting the error 'SOQL TYPEOF expressions are not supported in this organization' error when deploying to my test org that's on API 26.
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Unable to insert new records into "hierarchy" type Custom Setting

**Update Oct 23 2013: The fix to Known Issue W-1890544 is now being rolled out to sandboxes. I just verified by creating a brand new sandbox and I'm now able to insert new records into "Hierarchy" ...
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Very difficult to remove package in Winter '13 - Page layout assignments

Winter '13 appears to have increased the level at which Salesforce enforces constraints, making it very difficult to uninstall packages. As I have to do this multiple times a day when testing Beta ...
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Isnumeric() method not found

I have used isnumeric() method to check for the strings with only numbers. While deploying to production i am receiving the following error 'Method not found '.
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Chatter Answers Test Failures - Invalid field CommunityId for sObject Case

After winter '13 when deploying to production I'm getting a failure in ChatterAnswersEscalationTriggerTest that communityId is not a valid case field. Any ideas why this field would spontaneously ...
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Winter 13 Clickjacking protection - is the following expected or a bug?

Here are the steps to reproduce on a Winter 13 sandbox: Create the following VisualForce component called TestClickJackComponent: <apex:component > <!-- Begin Default Content REMOVE THIS --&...
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Has anyone run into these two Winter 13 preview issues? [closed]

I know the Winter 13 preview has only just appeared, but I've run into two issues and am wondering if anyone else can reproduce them. I'm having trouble deploying code from a standard dev org (Summer ...
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Upcoming "clickjacking" protection

There is a new alert on the Partnerforce portal that is letting partners know of the upcoming "clickjack protection" for non-setup pages in Winter '13. It seems to be stating that if a customer turns ...
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