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SOAP Call w/o WSDL body too large error

I am working on integrating an asmx webservice into salesforce. I was unable to parse the WSDL into apex, so have to build the calls manually. The call I built works and is received when literal ...
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The assigned variable shows 'null' in the WhatsApp

I have an error where the deviceType variable shows as null in the WhatsApp message. The queueable method is called depending on the selected email template to send and the relevant details should be ...
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Salesforce return value from function based on input

I am a complete novice in Salesforce, learning as I go, but I want to make sure I structure something in the best way as it can be a bit of a beast to manage if I don't. I am building some VisualForce ...
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getting Must trace apex_code at finest when checking the variable panel

I have already set the apex debug level at FINEST but still when I check the variable panel I still see the message must trace APEX_CODE at Finest can someone please suggest on the same? Below is the ...
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Stop increment of apex variable

In my VF page I have: <apex:pageblockTable value="{!interview.Skill_review__r}" var="skillreview"> <apex:column headerValue="Rating"> <apex:...
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Issue with variable-declaration

I have this string 'SELECT Id,Account,(SELECT field1, field2.... Further on I declare a for-loop with 2 variables: for(Opportunity opp : oppList) { Id AccId = opp.AccountId; ...
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