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The Apex Debugger extends the IDE plug-in for Eclipse. Use this tag for any issues related to its usage.

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Error when trying to debug log file: Unable to retrieve breakpoint info from language server, language server is not ready

I receive the following error when trying to debug a log file: Unable to retrieve breakpoint info from language server, language server is not ready. I already reloaded my VS Code window, what ...
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Setting up debugger with Apex Salesforce in Visual Studio Error "Either your org or user doesn't have the permission to debug Apex"

I am trying to set up breakpoint and debug my code in Apex, but for some reason I get the following error when running the debugger: My lunch.json is as following: I am using Scratch ORG and my user ...
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Replay Debugger Filters

Does anyone knows if we are able to filter Replay Debugger Logs? I mean, lets say we have a collection of data, which will be iterated 1000 times. Let's say we are interested to see what data are ...
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Interactive Debugger Not Starting

I'm trying to get started with the interactive debugger. I have a sandbox org with my user assigned to a permission set that has the Apex Debug permission. I try to start debugging from VS Code but it ...
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Apex Interactive Debugger Not Streaming to VS Code

I have been using the interactive debugger for quite a while now. Recently after refreshing my sandbox the debugger seems to have stopped working. I can see the session in my org: VS Code Says its ...
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Unverified Breakpoint: Apex Replay debugger not stopping at the break points in VS Code

I am experiencing an issue with the Apex Replay Debugger on my Mac. When I am trying to replay a log file in Apex Replay Debugger in VSCode, the debugger never stops at the specified break point. When ...
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Visual Studio Code Apex Replay Debugger Unsupported Java Error

I'm trying to use the Apex Replay Debugger on VSCode on an Apple MacPro (Big Sur) but get a 'Unsupported Java version'error. I have followed all the instructions
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SFDX: Get Apex Debug Logs is not getting my own log

I turned on "SFDX: Turn On Apex Debug Log for Replay Debugger", and then I run through my code to see if there's debug logs and there is debug logs generated. However, when I try to "...
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How to setup debug log for batch apex

I have a batch 'mytestbatch' which runs everyday through scheduler. This batch will update more than 15lakhs records. During execution mytestbatch is throwing an error 'First error: Attempt to de-...
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Which is best Apex Replay Debugger or Apex Debug logs? [closed]

Apex Debug logs or Apex Replay Debugger, both generates Logs. Which is the best to choose.
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How to get ApexLogs in an action called from LWC

I would like to know how to obtain the data that my apex method is generating step by step, system debugs. I have not seen any documentation on the internet which has some information of what I need. ...
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is there a way to check a debug statement belongs to which class

Is there a way to know if we can get class name or trigger or a component along with a debug statement like a system.debug line no and class to which it belongs? I asked this because i came along a ...
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getting Must trace apex_code at finest when checking the variable panel

I have already set the apex debug level at FINEST but still when I check the variable panel I still see the message must trace APEX_CODE at Finest can someone please suggest on the same? Below is the ...
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Do I need to trace every user for Debug Log Intermittent Issues?

I have an intermittent error that happens sometimes 3 times a week and sometimes not for a couple of weeks. Each time, it is from a different user. I get an email produced from the catch try block ...
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Limitations of Apex Replay Debugger in VS Code

global class Opportunity_EmailService implements Messaging.InboundEmailHandler { public Messaging.InboundEmailResult handleInboundEmail(Messaging.inboundEmail email, Messaging.InboundEnvelope env) { ...
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How to fix Streaming API errors when using Apex Debugger?

I am attempting to use the Apex Interactive Debugger using Eclipse. When I try to run it I continously get messages from Eclipse 'You have been temporarily disconnected from the Streaming API. We will ...
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System.debug does not output when written in trigger

I have the following trigger: trigger HelloWorldTrigger on Account (before insert) { System.debug('Hello World!'); } I checked that the trigger code is saved. Now I run the following anonymous ...
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Non-DX VS Code Debugger

Anyone know of a working debugger extension for VS Code that works for non-DX projects? Or maybe how to setup the official SF debugger extension for a non-DX project (their wiki mentions it can be ...
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Error while updating debug log trace flag

I am trying to update the debug log trace flag for my user but getting the following error Having an active trace flag triggers debug logging. You have 259 MB of the maximum 250 MB of debug logs. ...
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Salesforce DX Apex Debugging license issue

I'm trying to get Apex debugging working in VS Code, following instructions here. When I launch the debugger I see a popup You exceeded your licensed number of debugging sessions. Please end other ...
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i am getting Attempt to de-reference a null object in batch class but unable to trace where the error causing [closed]

i am getting Attempt to de-reference a null object in batch class but unable to trace where the error causing due to CUMULATIVE_LIMIT_USAGE_END in debug logs, Here i am getting all the logs, so i ...
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How do I create a map with different element types in APEX

I am new to Apex and am trying to build a Map object which contains all the order information. Ideally, I would like to serialize this into JSON and send to a webservice. I have got to the point where ...
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Unable to set breakpoints in Apex Debugger when using ISV Partner login

I'm working through the steps from Get Started with the ISV Customer Debugger and trying to get the Apex Debugger to set breakpoints for code from the managed package. I've logged into the subscriber ...
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