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The Apex Debugger extends the IDE plug-in for Eclipse. Use this tag for any issues related to its usage.

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Apex Interactive Debugger Not Streaming to VS Code

I have been using the interactive debugger for quite a while now. Recently after refreshing my sandbox the debugger seems to have stopped working. I can see the session in my org: VS Code Says its ...
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Setting up debugger with Apex Salesforce in Visual Studio Error "Either your org or user doesn't have the permission to debug Apex"

I am trying to set up breakpoint and debug my code in Apex, but for some reason I get the following error when running the debugger: My lunch.json is as following: I am using Scratch ORG and my user ...
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Replay Debugger Filters

Does anyone knows if we are able to filter Replay Debugger Logs? I mean, lets say we have a collection of data, which will be iterated 1000 times. Let's say we are interested to see what data are ...
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Unverified Breakpoint: Apex Replay debugger not stopping at the break points in VS Code

I am experiencing an issue with the Apex Replay Debugger on my Mac. When I am trying to replay a log file in Apex Replay Debugger in VSCode, the debugger never stops at the specified break point. When ...
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How to get ApexLogs in an action called from LWC

I would like to know how to obtain the data that my apex method is generating step by step, system debugs. I have not seen any documentation on the internet which has some information of what I need. ...
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How to fix Streaming API errors when using Apex Debugger?

I am attempting to use the Apex Interactive Debugger using Eclipse. When I try to run it I continously get messages from Eclipse 'You have been temporarily disconnected from the Streaming API. We will ...
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Interactive Debugger Not Starting

I'm trying to get started with the interactive debugger. I have a sandbox org with my user assigned to a permission set that has the Apex Debug permission. I try to start debugging from VS Code but it ...
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SFDX: Get Apex Debug Logs is not getting my own log

I turned on "SFDX: Turn On Apex Debug Log for Replay Debugger", and then I run through my code to see if there's debug logs and there is debug logs generated. However, when I try to "...
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getting Must trace apex_code at finest when checking the variable panel

I have already set the apex debug level at FINEST but still when I check the variable panel I still see the message must trace APEX_CODE at Finest can someone please suggest on the same? Below is the ...
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Do I need to trace every user for Debug Log Intermittent Issues?

I have an intermittent error that happens sometimes 3 times a week and sometimes not for a couple of weeks. Each time, it is from a different user. I get an email produced from the catch try block ...
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