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Run Trigger handler class in execute anonymous with old map newmap

Trigger createCbQuoteTriggerHandler.getOpps(,Trigger.oldMap); Handler class public static void CreateOpportunity(Map<Id,Opportunity> oldData, List<Opportunity> newData){ ...
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1 answer

Anonymous code to run a bulk update

I have three objects, namely Tests, Grant, and Grant Contracts. Here in Tests object I have given a lookup to Grant and Grant Contract. I have also given a lookup in Grant Contract to the Grant object....
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1 answer

Execute Anonymous Error unexpected token 'test1'

I am trying to insert a case using anonymous apex but I keep getting an error unexpected token 'test1'. Could somebody help to understand what's wrong with this code? In other threads, people pointed ...
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1 answer

How to start bach proces from anonymouse window

I Have the following batch process. How do I test this from an anonymous window? global class Batchtest implements Database.Batchable<SObject>{ .. }
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What way would you choose to create Anonymous Cases

We have a need for some cases to be created where it is imperative that the creator of the case is anonymous. I have 2 ideas: Using the SFDC UI I could put a 'Before Insert' trigger that sets the '...