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1 answer

where to find the ancestor version of a package?

When a new package version is created, an ancestor version is associated with it. Now, after several releases, we want to roll back some changes and we need to know the ancestor version associated ...
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Subscriber stuck in 2GP Package version

I have the following branching for a package (2gp) ancestry. As per Salesforce documentation, it seems like 5.72 is a dead branch, and we have plenty of customers using 5.72 at the moment. Is there ...
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Unable to create a new version of a 2GP package depending on an Ancestor

I want to create a new version of my package every time we try to do so we have the same errors: Account.XXXXX__c: The entity: Account does not have history tracking enabled Contact.XXXXX__c: The ...
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2GP dependent managed package creation failing with null explanation message

I have an sfdx-project.json of this form that worked about week ago to create an unpublished version of a package that depends on another package: { "packageDirectories": [ { ...
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2gp: Package ancestry for patch versions

Let's say we've just released 2.0 version of our 2gp package. And now we're releasing patch versions (one after another), e.g 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3 and so on. The question here: is there any difference ...
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Managed Package (2GP) - Ancestor Version

We are creating a managed package to list it to Apex Exchange. We are having issues to test our releases with beta packages because as we all know that we can't upgrade a beta package, so we need to ...
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3 votes
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This app can't be upgraded: Invalid Upgrade: The currently installed version does not share a common ancestor with this version

I am trying to upgrade from v0.6 to v0.7 of a Managed Package which uses 2GP. I am getting this error message: This app can't be upgraded. There are problems that prevent this package from being ...
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