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To refresh a report chart using REST API

I have created a report chart in VF page, Instead of using this refresh button(showRefreshButton="true"), can I refresh this report chart using REST API <apex:page> <...
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Visualforce chart Custom field filter error: For the filter 1: Specify a valid filterable column because XXX is not valid

HEELP! I have a report for opportunities. I need a VF that shows this report and I need a filter using a custom field named: PUBLISH DATE(Publish_Date__c ) : I've tried Publish_Date__c, ...
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Issue in Filtering Analytic ReportChart in VF page

I am trying to filter my report chart embedded in a VFpage based on AccountID. My VF code is as below <apex:page standardController="Account" sidebar="False" showHeader="False" > <...
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How to refresh analytics:reportChart from Controller

I have the following code in the visualforce page and a button so when the user clicks the button I would like to show the reportChart but its not happening PS: Yes the reportId is not blank I'm ...
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Is there a built in way to use ReportsChart component in a custom Lightning Component?

I have a Visualforce page that displays Report Charts dynamically for end users, base don Report Id selection. I am looking to replicate same kind of function in Lightning Component, but it seems ...
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<analytics:reportChart> tag cannot be used inside tab views

I have a Custom Vf page which calls a custom component carrying: Cannot display the data in tabs. Here is the vf page and component: <apex:page docType="html-5.0"> <apex:tabPanel ...
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