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How to make Amazon Connect current call attributes available to Salesforce?

in our service center application we use Amazon Connect CTI (AC). We want to pass a few attributes AC collects from the customer, such as phone number, consent, language etc. We are aware AC can pass ...
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Is it possible for the "log a call" task to automatically open up when agents receive or make AWS call?

My instance is currently using Amazon Connect as our phone system. I am trying to have the "log a call" task automatically open up when an agent is either making or receiving a call like in ...
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How to pass parameters in Open CTI Run Apex method from CTI Flow block?

I am trying to call apex class from CTI flow and pass the chat message/content to apex class. Please refer the documentation
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How to use "Query value" in Amazon connect CTI flow?

Using Managed Package Amazon Connect CTI Adapter. What I am trying to do is finding any existing case when a call connects(onAccepted event). search and screen pop block is returning a contact id then ...
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The object "VoiceCall" can't be updated through a flow - When creating a package version

We have stumbled upon The object "VoiceCall" can't be updated through a flow. error when introducing the required metadata for our Service Cloud Voice with BYOT (Bring Your Own Telephony - ...
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How to get Salesforce Lead object details in lambda Function?

I have integrated my Salesforce instance with my AWS Connect through CTI Adapter. I also have implemented SalesforceLambda, which allows me to lookup Salesforce data. For Account I can get the Contact'...
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