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Setup Activity object security

I have a problem while setuping security for Activity object. The problem is standart behaviour of OWD setting for Activity. Even If i set private records are shared to people who has Read access to ...
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Activities Component showing for all users in the same profile & role except for one user

For some weird reason, all users with the SAME Role & SAME Profile can see the Activities component EXCEPT for one user in that role & profile as below: I have checked the Page Layouts are ...
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TriggerUserEmail not sending an email as expected on Task Insert

Deliverability for the org is All Email Enable User Control over Task Assignment Notifications is enabled for the org I've confirmed that users have Email me when a task is assigned to me selected for ...
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Possible to enfore Shared Activities through managed package

I have an external application that depends on a user installing my managed package to create some custom fields etc. My external application creates calendar events and allows the user to add ...
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'Reminders' app on Iphone

Our users are seeing their overdue tasks being pushed to the 'reminders' app on their iphones. As a System Admin, I looked around everywhere on how to 1. enable/ disable this setting 2. customize this ...
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Activity Functionality Missing

Following is the screenshot of my client's opportunity object. I find that activity button does not contain Log a Call and Add Task. Going forward, Log a Call and Add Task are important functions and ...
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Enable SharedActivities automaticaly for new scratch org

Is there any chance to set up scratch org definition file, to create new scratch orgs with SharedActivities functionality enabled? We just implemented some functionalities using TaskRelation object, ...
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How to disable pre-selected activity reminders to all users?

I'd like to disable pre-selected activity reminders to all users. When user opens a task the Reminder checkbox is pre-selected. How to make the Reminder checkbox unchecked for all users?
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Multiple contacts in Task is not showing up in query result

I have enabled "Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events" Activity setting and I am able to add multiple contacts to name field from task layout. But when I am querying from ...
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Event Reminders Popup window for Partner Users

I am able to receive activity(task/event) reminder popup window for Internal users. But the same window is not available for Partner/Community users, Am I missing any configuration setting? Task ...
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Access Shared Activities Setting from Apex code

I'm relative new to salesforce, and a want to know if it's a way to access to Activity Settings values from Apex code, as specified in Metadata API, I know it's not natively possible to call Metadata ...
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Trigger to Pull related contact designation on Activity page

I have a requirement. Contact related to activity, I need to pull his functional role ( custom field) on Activity page layout. So whenever I create an activity and relate with ant contact so his/her ...
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How to check if Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events is enabled

In the activity settings you can turn on or off Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events. But how can I check this in my Apex code? I thought it might be in the Organization table ...
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Reference Fiscal Quarter (Current FQ /Previous FQ) in Formula field

I have a custom formula field on Accounts called 'Has Activities this Quarter' which I would like to display 'Yes' if there is activities created against the account in this current fiscal quarter, or ...
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Cannot view Activity history

I have an activity in the Account history that was created by one user (user A) but is not visible by user B. Both Users are have the same profile and are part of the same User Group. The Account ...
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Activity Sharing with a Community User

We have an Opportunity owned by a Community User. A normal user creates activities under the Opportunity. However, the community User is unable to view these activities. The OWD for Activity is ...
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