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How to show ActionStatus spinner without using the reRender tag on button

I am using an SLDS VF page, where I display search parameters. When "Search" button is clicked, the parameters are picked up and a call is made to an external resource, and if there are any matches ...
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What is the replacement of <apex:actionstatus> and <apex:inputHidden> tag in lightning

Does any one know that what are the tags we can use instead of <apex:actionstatus> and <apex:inputHidden> in lightning I checked Salesforce classic documentation on these tags but don't ...
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How to add spinner animation with element other than commandbutton?

I am able to add spinner animation using apex:commandbutton. Here is the reference to add spinner animation when commandbutton is clicked: Popup "spinner" style apex:actionStatus But how ...
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Using actionStatus to disable button in visualforce

I'm trying to disable in a visualforce page a custom button after clicking once. Admittedly, I'm newer to v-force pages than apex, so I don't fully understand what's going on here. But, after some ...
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apex:actionstatus with remote-action call from javascript

i want to show waiting spinner on my remote-action call on command button with onClick event. i have wrote following code for that but its now working : VisualForce Page: <apex:actionStatus id="...
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Need some public API to get status of an Instance

I need to pull up the information regarding some instances, whether they are currently available, Performance Degradation, Service Disruption or under maintenance, along with the cause (if any). I ...
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facet image position not setting screen center its showing on top corner

<apex:pageBlock > <apex:actionStatus id="actStatus" style="align:center;position:absolute;z-index:99999;" > <apex:facet name="start"> <img src="/img/loading.gif" ...
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actionStatus on commandButton breaks PageReference

I'm trying to add an progress indicator on a custom "Save" commandButton on a Visualforce page. The method that the button calls returns a PageReference. Once I add in the actionStatus code, I get the ...
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VF: ActionStatus not working

I am trying to get an action status to gray out the page while the DML update is in progress. I have had success with this on other pages but I can't get it to work on this one. Can someone tell me ...
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How to call actionStatus in javascript onchange event?

I want to show loading image on change of a selectlist value. Already 3 javascript functions is being called during onchange event, hence actionSupport is not working when onchange event is used. I ...
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Show a loading image/message in the onLoad event of a Visualforce page

I tried this and this without luck before posting. I have a visualforce page that executes a lot of loops and computations based on custom objects and it takes about 6 - 8 seconds for it to load ...
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how to use actionStatus for picklist in vf page..?

I have two picklist. One picklist have country values and one picklist have state values. I am giving those values through controller. Based on country name state piclist changed. It's taking taking ...
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Pass dynamic component id in actionFunction status field

I have an apex:actionFunction in my VF page which is called from a commandbutton inside an apex:repeat. There is an apex:actionStatus component which should be rendered once apex:actionFunction is ...
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Popup "spinner" style apex:actionStatus

Has anyone been able to make the apex:actionStatus tag display in the popup spinner style, like this: It should render center of screen, perhaps with a masking effect. If I'm not mistken, the extJS ...
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actionStatus not working without reRender?

I would want to ask you, if it's possible, the actionStatus to be triggered without the attribute rerender on actionSupport? Example: <apex:inputFile id="file_test" value="{!att.Body}" filename="{!...
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Using ActionStatus with a CommandButton and Apex:Param

This is my initial (and working) setup for a Select button against an OpportunityLineItem on a custom product selection Visualforce page. Note the OpportunityLineItems are displayed in a table, hence ...
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