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Unable to use rerender and oncomplete with apex:input file

I have checked that apex:inputfile does not work with rerender and oncomplete tags of action function. But I have seen there are some workaround. I tried using action region around other content, like ...
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Visualforce error on rerender with inputfile

I have a VF page where I upload a .csv file and display the columns on the page in a table. It all works fine if I don't try and add a spinner, which requires me to rerender the page. If I don't use ...
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Rerendering based on a picklist loses the value of that picklist

I have a page that is trying to re-render a certain area of the page when a picklist (ndaDetails.NDA_Type__c) is changed. The picklist itself is a part of the pageBlockSection that is supposed to be ...
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Is it a good practice to nest apex:actionRegion in another apex:actionRegion?

Well I am working on a visualforce page which has several sections with their own fields. The sections should be independent from each other. Now in one section I've got two operations: add and cancel....
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Mandatory input cause actionSupport to fail

I want to create records from individual inputs in a table. Individual inputs are made of Users or Contacts participating to a given meeting. A Meeting__c object is the parent of User and Contacts ...
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Apex:ActionRegion blocking Controller function Action

I'm trying to call a simple function in my Apex Controller and want to use an actionRegion to stop most sections of the page re-rendering. I note though when I add the actionRegion the controller ...
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apex:selectList isn't working with apex:actionRegion

I am building a Single App Application and got this error on a vf page: apex:inputFile can not be used in conjunction with an action component, apex:commandButton or apex:commandLink that specifies ...
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Rerender causes getter to get called even when it should not

Can anyone explain to me why my list is getting re-populated even when it shouldn't? As you can see in the code, the ActionFunction is inside an ActionRegion and only reRenders an outputPanel with Id ...
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How to update particular section using action region

Here when i update the "Record Detail" section ,first section "Account information" validation error is to update only the particular section through action region? visualforce page code:...
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How to appear a field based on the two different field values?

I have 3 fields on visualforce page of custom object, 1) gender__c:Male/female(picklist field) 2) age__c: (number field) 3) field3__c:(picklist field) The field3__c only display, If the ...
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Rendering PageBlocksectionItem Problem

I have asked the question here but this question is part of contiunation and I have a road block and this time it has to do with formatting is messing up: I have two version of code i'm pasting here: ...
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Prevent validation of a specific required input field when button is clicked

How can a commandButton ignore validation for one particular required field? I am working on a seemingly simple portal account page with the following markup: <apex:page standardController="...
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actionpoller to update number on vfpage

I am using action poller to update a number on the vf page. <div id='notification'>{!taskSize}</div> actionpoller code: <apex:actionFunction action="{!actionItemsFiltered}" name="...
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Field label not shown in actionRegion

I'm a beginner in Salesforce and I have a problem with the "actionRegion" component. It turns out that the field wrapped into the component doesn't show the label. I've found on the web that other ...
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Table with independent rows

I need a table showing sObjects within independent rows. I need to perform actions on single rows without even taking care about all the other rows. Reason: Some rows might be invalid (having ...
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Rerender Field Based on Different Field Value in VF

I have a VF page where I am trying to set up a rerender of 1 field when a certain set of values is selected in another field (picklist). I can do the rerender on the entire pageBlockSection, but I ...
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How to use apex:actionRegion with required fields and apex:pageBlockSection

I have a custom object with a lookup field to Opportunity. When the opportunity lookup field is changed, I have apex code that gets some data and populates some fields on a portion of the page. So, ...
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ActionFunction in ActionRegion in Component doesn't work

I'm extracting part of a Visualforce page into a component, however there's one piece of functionality that doesn't come across. Here's a simplified apex snippet: <apex:actionRegion> <...
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From my radiobutton on VF page I am not able to call the method on change when apex:selectRadio is inside the actionregion

From my apex:selectRadio on VF page I am not able to call the method on change when apex:selectRadio is inside the actionregion. I wan to call am method and also wan to display and hide a outputpanl ...
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